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  • ...Jaw, Saskatchewan. He was abandoned by his parents as a child and adopted by an elderly couple who were itinerant evangelists. After several years they ...chairman of the board of the John Douglas French Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease.
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  • '''[[Djibouti|DJIBOUTI]]'S [[Adoption|ADOPTION]] AUTHORITY''' The process for adopting a child from [[Djibouti]] generally includes the following steps:
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  • '''4. [[Adopt]] or Gain [[Legal Custody]] of Child in [[Djibouti]]''' ...ibunal de Première Instance de [[Djibouti]], which serves as [[Djibouti]]'s [[adoption]] authority.
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  • ...ome information may be out of date, and/or contain inaccuracies, omissions or typographical errors. ...the date of birth of the child or within 300 days before the birth of the child
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  • ...ome information may be out of date, and/or contain inaccuracies, omissions or typographical errors. Consent to adoption shall be required from the following persons or entities:
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  • ...on_at_Farm_Aid_2009_-_Cropped.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Farm Aid 2009. Photo by Larry Philpot'''<br />Source:}} ...hs old. His father ran a pool hall in Austin, [[Texas]], and he was raised by his grandparents in the village of Abbott, [[Texas]]. His grandfather taugh
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  • with grandparents. By the time he was five his mother had been murdered by her second husband, and his father was dead from alcoholism. When he was six he was sent to St. Anthony's School for Boys in [[New Mexico]] (an [[orphanage]]). He ran away often, bu
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  • ...commons/3/31/Truman_Capote_by_Jack_Mitchell.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Capote by Jack Mitchell, 1980'''<br />Source:}} At the age of six Capote's parents abandoned him to the care of four elderly, unmarried maternal cousins, three sisters
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  • ...a vagabond, her mother died in 1895, and Gabrielle and a sister were then abandoned in an [[orphanage]] until adulthood, while two of the brothers were sent as ...n Beauville in 1913. Her simple, comfortable designs were taken up quickly by rich society women, tired of the over-elaborate and restricting fashions of
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  • ...a fresh start but due to mental illness was unable to look after them. She abandoned them on the doorstep of Dr. Billy Graham, the evangelist, who lived nearby, [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ..._Erikhthonios_Staatliche_Antikensammlungen_2413_n2.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Birth of Erichthonius: Athena receives the baby Erichthonius from the hands of th ...t fostered by the goddess Athena, and raised in a chest[!] by the daughter(s) of Cecrops. He became king of Athens and is credited with introducing char
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  • Genet's early life seems shrouded in confusion. The three sources looked at present One gives his birthdate as 19 December, that he was abandoned by his parents and spent much of his youth in juvenile detention. When he was
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  • ...29.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Edmund Kean as Sir Giles Overreach in Massinger's ''A New Way to Pay Old Debts'', b. 1816'''<br />Source:}} ...who more or less abandoned him on the streets, and (probably) an architect's clerk, Edmund Kean, who committed suicide when he was 22.
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  • ...of his childhood was spent in a succession of foster homes and/or children's homes (sources differ) and he was very unhappy. He ran away several times, [[Category: Parent(s) Left Home, Leaving Child Behind]]
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  • ...d no time for their son, and when he was seven they placed him in St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys, a combination orphanage and reform school. They ...ung George, and encouraged his obvious talent for baseball. He was spotted by a talent scout named Jack Dunn when he was 19, and in order to circumvent t
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  • |410x579px|thumb|'''Truffaut's grave'''<br />Source:}} ...him to live with his grandmother until he was eight, and he was neglected by his parents after returning to them.
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  • White's father disappeared before he was born and he was abandoned by his mother. The canteen manager of the hospital where he was born [[adopted [[Category: Birth or Infancy]]
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  • ...broke his arm he was rescued by an uncle and a neighbor and then fostered by whites until he was 15. [[Category: Exile or Persecution (religious, Political or Social)]]
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  • ...a middle-class white woman, born in Hartford, [[Connecticut]]. His parents abandoned him and he was indentured (a limited and temporary form of slavery) to a wh ...he Congregational Church in 1785: the first African-American ever ordained by a major denomination in the USA. He had several other pastorates, including
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