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  • ...oster family, the Wensleys, for a [[Group Home|group home]] and then a new family, and was formally adopted by them in 1993, just before she turned 18, and j ...rth mother]] since infancy but is close to her sister, who was in the same foster families but stayed with the Wensleys, and has contact with her brother.
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  • ...the Mackenzies, but he remained in contact with them. When he was six the family moved to England, but they returned to the USA in 1820. ...blems and periodic drunkenness, and he was temporarily disinherited by his foster father.
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  • ...C and adopted as a baby of two weeks into a wealthy entertainment-industry family in Westchester, [[New York]]. His [[adoption]] was not a happy one. He is g Dever, Maria, and Dever, Aileen. Relative Origins: Famous Foster and Adopted People. (Portland: National Book Company, 1992)
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  • ...ostered by the McManus family, who already had three born-to children. His foster brother was named Mark, and there was also a cousin named Mark McManus - wh ...with the rock group Sweet. In adulthood he cut himself off from his foster family and claimed that he was in fact the half-brother of the actor.
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  • ...mportant influence on her for the rest of her childhood. Unfortunately the family was abusive, which has left Cornwell with a legacy of anger, a sense of out She has suffered from alcoholism, rape, eating disorders and a failed marriage. It has also contr
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  • ...t she was [[adopted]] and destroyed all the related documentation, and her adoptive mother threatened to kill anyone who revealed the secret. ...earch support group in the US: the Adoptees' Liberty Movement Association, or ALMA, based in [[New York]].
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  • ...l-to-do dairy farmers near Johannesburg, and had two born-to children. His adoptive father died when he was eight. His relationship with his mother was never v [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ...e. He was fostered from the age of four by two paternal aunts who took him from his mother/raised him very strictly after his mother moved to London to rem He was fascinated from childhood by Native American culture and in 1906, aged 17/18 he emigrated t
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  • Lear was born to an unmarried teenager and relinquished for [[adoption]]. Her adoptive mother was cold and cruel and her father, whom she loved, died when she was ...nd and publish the influential feminist women's magazine, Lear's Magazine, from 1988 to 1993.
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  • ...and his father was an alcoholic. At seven he went to live with an uncle's family, and stayed with them until he was sixteen. ...litia, as well as being promoted within the church's religious [[system]]. From 1839 to 1844 he was a missionary, and then became a guard of the prophet Jo
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  • ...not a happy one and he is now estranged from his family. He tells a story from his childhood which illustrates his relationship with his parents. In 1964 [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  •]] and [[Switzerland]], fostered and ultimately [[adopted]] by a Swiss family who refused to discuss his traumatic past with him. ...memories, a construct based on false memories (recovered memory syndrome), or a conscious and deliberate fraud. The consensus now is that the book is a d
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  • ...d her family, but her negative account of her childhood is disputed by her family. [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ...e and consequently separated from his stepmother to be fostered by a white family of ranchers. He soon escaped, however, and embarked on a life as a member o [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ...or rebellion by the Meiji government), and according to custom, the entire family - wife, children and others, at least 14 people in all - committed ritual s [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ...follows is based on a recent biography which attempts to get at the truth from both the white and Maori sides. ...the USA, the UK, [[Egypt]] and [[Lebanon]], where Fox senior, now retired from the premiership, was on the temperance movement's lecture circuit. (It is p
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