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  • ...her was raised by their grandfather and his younger sister was [[adopted]] by a different family, the Mackenzies, but he remained in contact with them. W ...tal problems and periodic drunkenness, and he was temporarily disinherited by his foster father.
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  • In addition to U.S. immigration requirements, [[Mozambique]] has specific requirements that a ...e [[Adoptive Parent|adoptive parent]] is the spouse of a biological parent or a partner with whom the biological parent has been living for at least thre
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  • ...d by his teacher, Philip Burton, who, although too close in age to the boy by a few days to [[adopt]] him, became his [[Legal Guardian|legal guardian]] a ...ncluded My Cousin Rachel, The Robe, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Who's Afraid of [[Virginia]] Woolf, The Taming of the Shrew, Look Back in Anger,
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  • ...ed the mother synagogue by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews—1680 painting by Emanuel de Witte.'''<br />Source:}} ...this important and interesting episode in Jewish history we owe to Cardozo's published books and surviving letters.
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  • |410x579px|thumb|'''''St. Isidore'', by Murillo'''<br />Source:}} ...from a noble family of Cartagena, but was orphaned as a child and educated by his elder brother, St. Leander, in a monastery. (Another brother and sister
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  • ...t to the [[orphanage]]. He was fostered in 1860 and adopted when he was 17 by [[Washington]] Jefferson Bennett, the son of Thomas Bennett, Jr., and the a company, from which he made a large fortune. In 1876 he married Bennett's daughter, Mary. Principal beneficiaries of his philanthropy were The Citade
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  • interest in the now destitute child, and she was fostered by her father's cousin, Lady Betty Fownes, although she spent most of her time at boarding ...and gossip (they dressed in men's clothing) were soon overcome, and Butler's independent income enabled them to be local benefactors of the poor and to
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  • ...and businessman. He became an orphan when he was six, and was then raised by his much older brother. At 15 he was apprenticed to a goldsmith. ...largely portraits of the Scottish upper class. He was strongly influenced by Sir Joshua Reynolds and was similarly knighted, in 1822.
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  • ...raised by an aunt and William to be fostered or [[adopted]] by his father's prosperous friend, Thomas Ewing, who named him after Chief Tecumseh. of rejection, depression and alienation, which led to him being accused by some of insanity.
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  • he was looked after by his brothers, then by his brother Harry's wife's family. Who's Who, 1998
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  • In addition to U.S. immigration requirements, [[Malaysia]] has specific requirements that a ch ...ental Rights|parental rights]] of the child. Both of the biological parent(s) must sign this statutory declaration. If they are unable to appear during
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  • raised by relatives, including Chief Blackfish, who also fostered or [[adopted]] several white captive children. ...ership: that no individual or even tribe could alienate land to the whites or own land individually.
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  • ...Ten-sqúat-a-way.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Ten-sqúat-a-way, Painted in 1830 by George Catlin.'''<br />Source:}} ...774) before they were born and their mother left them in 1779 to be raised by relatives, including older brothers and sisters (one of whom was the future
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  • ...]] her. This did not happen, but at 13 she went to be nanny to her brother's children., she went first to Morgan Academy high school, then Howard University's preparatory school, Howard University and Barnard College. At Barnard she b
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  • ...loyer (whose daughter he later married), who had him educated and fostered by an elderly lay brother, Don Antonio Salanueva. ...was elected president of [[Mexico]] after the war, in 1861, but overthrown by the French in 1867 in favor of their puppet, Maximilian. When Maximilian wa
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  • ...the contemporary accounts are full of rumors, legends and deliberate lies by the adults involved; the version which follows is based on a recent biograp ...intended victims. In the rout that followed the young Ngatau was captured by a Maori ally of the whites.
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  • her parents died of yellow fever. She was then raised for several years by her older brother and sister, but married for the first time when she was 1 By the age of 20 she was a widow ([[Moses]] McWilliams was a victim of a race
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