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  • ...g/760px-Hoffman-ChristAndTheRichYoungRuler.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''"Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" by Heinrich Hofmann, 1889'''<br />Source: Wikipedia.o ...son of God. He was referred to by his contemporaries as the son of Joseph, and the Gospels record that Joseph married '''[[Mary the Virgin]]''' knowing sh
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  • ...jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Statue of King Arthur, designed by Albrecht Dürer and cast by Peter Vischer the Elder, early 16th century'''<br />Source: Wikiped ...ioned in the sixth century, in the Welsh poem, "Y Gododdin" by Aneurin. He and his army are said to be sleeping under a mountain somewhere in Britain, to
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  • '''Irish hero figure and supreme champion of Ulster''' ...Dechtire, wife of Sualtam. He had seven pupils in each eye and 14 fingers and toes. He was sent to be fostered by the best men in Ulster, according to an
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  • ...He became king of Athens and is credited with introducing chariot driving and silver to mankind. [[Category: Mythological, Traditional and Divine Figures]]
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  • ...ill him too. There he was educated and sent from place to place for safety and further education. ...phecy. When his training was complete he went up to the High King's palace and was made leader of the Fianna.
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  • states that he was the son of Zeus and Alkmene (wife of Amphitryon), and the twin of Iphicles. ...ed and taught wisdom, virtue and music. He killed Linus in a fit of temper and was sent then to be fostered by some shepherds in the mountains, where he f
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  • ...Aegimius offered him a third of his land. [[Heracles]] declined the offer, and to show his gratitude, Aegimius adopted Hyllus after [[Heracles]] died. ..., gave their names to the three Dorian tribes: the Pamphylii, the Dymanes, and the Hylles.
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  • ...cian than the god Apollo. In anger Apollo gave Midas the ears of a donkey, and in shame, Midas either disappeared or committed suicide. [[Category: Mythological, Traditional and Divine Figures]]
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  • ...ndSphinx.jpg/455px-IngresOdipusAndSphinx.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''''Oedipus and the Sphinx'' by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres'''<br />Source: fairy-tale examples. Compare the entries for feral children, foundlings and Nebuchadnezzar.)
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  • to the court of Teyrnon Twrf Liant, where he was named Gwri Wallt Eurin and fostered for four years. He was enormously strong as a child, like [[Heracl ...eri by his mother. He grew up handsome, fair and master of all manly arts, and succeeded his father as king-prince of Dyfed.
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  • son ["figiuolo adottivo"], and Charles called him son most of the time; and thus it was said that Orlandino [Roland] was Charles' son; but he was a son [[Category: Mythological, Traditional and Divine Figures]]
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