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Disney’s Tarzan is based off of a book series by the same title written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. There are about 25 sequels, with over 200 films, several television shows and a play put on by Broadway and other stages.

IMDb: 7.2 out of 10

Categories: Kids, Young Adult

Ages: 6-up


A child grows up in Africa after his parents are shipwrecked, build a home, and then are killed by Sabor, a leopard. The child is found by a mother ape, Kala, who lost her child to Sabor and takes the child in as her own and names him Tarzan. He grows up with the family of apes though he is never accepted by the Kerchek (the leader). Other humans come to the Africa in search of ape families, a scientist and his daughter, Jane. Tarzan is intrigued by them because they look just like him versus his ape family. He meets Jane and begins to learn the human language and their ways of life, wanting to know more.


This film is adventurous and fun for the family. It has beautiful music and teaches about how you can still be a family and love each other even if you look different from each other because you both have a heart and love for each other.

This is a good film for children, especially if they are struggling due to looking different than their parents or siblings, teaching them that you may look different or act different but you are family. There may be mild moments of scary elements.

Kids Section


This film has a lot of fun elements for the whole family. Here are some activities that can go along with the film.

Make music together by creating instruments out of everyday objects, like garbage cans, paper towel rolls, and plastic bottles.

Learn how to roller blade, skate, or scooter like how Tarzan moves around in the jungle.

Visit a park and swing on the monkey bars and play on the playground for the afternoon.

Visit the local zoo and say hi to all the monkeys, gorillas, and other animals that are Tarzan’s friends.

Discussion Questions

Watching a film together or reading a book can give the parent and the child a chance to teach and learn together. Here are some questions you can discuss together:

How does Tarzan become a good leader?

How can you protect your family if someone is being rude?

Why is it important to listen to your parent’s advice?

What is your favorite subject in school?

What is your favorite thing about your family?

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