The Orphan Foundation

The Orphan Foundation is a hybrid group of adoption services and financial assistance services meant to help families get through the adoption process smoothly. They focus on orphan adoptions, and work internationally, cooperating with a series of international orphanages to provide adoption options to prospective parents.

The organization was founded on Dec 12, 2006, by Joe and Tatiana DiDonato. Shortly thereafter they were certified as a 501(c)3 granting program, and now run programs that aid in many other aspects of adoption, such as financial advising and getting into contact with orphanages the world over.

The Orphan Foundation runs largely off of volunteer participation. Volunteers typically work on fundraisers for the organization, or in other services for which they are qualified, such as writing or translation work. These volunteers can work as little as two hours a month, or more if they have the time available.

Grant Information

The Orphan Foundation awards a total of 10 grants annually, of $500 each. They are meant for supplementing alongside other grants, as they won't cover very much of an international or even a domestic adoption.

Basic requirements include a successfully completed home study. Also, the grant must go toward the adoption of a child that is still in an orphanage or foster care situation. The Orphan Foundation's grants do not apply to birth mother adoptions.

The grants are tallied and organized quarterly and granted based on the available funds the Orphan Foundation has available. If an applicant is not approved at the quarterly meeting, he or she should apply again, as their file will be removed from the Orphan Foundation's system after every approval session.