Tommy Davidson

Davidson's mother was a Black civil rights activist in Mississippi. Unable to raise him herself, she gave him to a white friend, also a civil rights worker, who adopted him. He has suffered racial abuse from both whites and blacks.

His films include Booty Call, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Strictly Business; his television shows include In Living Color and Later.


"From Foster Kid to Funnyman: Tommy Davidson." [Includes portrait]. Available at: [1]


African/ USA/ 20th Century/ 21st Century/ Theater, Broadcasting, Cinema/ Ethnic or Religious Identity Confused or Concealed, Racism/ Formal, American/European-Type Adoption/ Unmarried Mother, Single Parent (Mother or Father) Unable to Cope/ Family Friends or Acquaintances/ Trans-Racial, Trans-Tribal, International or Trans-Cultural Adoption or Fostering/ Customary or Traditional Adoption, Informal and Extra-Legal Care