Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy often creates a crisis, making it difficult to focus on the future. Unplanned pregnancy is not unique to young, unmarried women. It occurs within marriage and in older women, and it can create a crisis in every life.


The first step is to verify the pregnancy. There are home pregnancy tests, confidential pregnancy testing at crisis pregnancy centers, and ob/gyns (doctors). The second step is to find a support system. If in-family support is not possible, there are counselors, clergy (priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.), and others who can offer confidential support and guidance.

For some, an unplanned pregnancy can lead to the decision to place the child for adoption. The decision to place a child should be an informed decision, made after considering the option of parenting.

Before making any decision regarding your pregnancy, weigh all of your options and consider how each decision will affect you, both now and in the future. Is it a decision you will be proud of? Or ashamed of?

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