Who Can Adopt from Burkina Faso


In addition to the U.S. requirements, Burkina Faso obliges prospective adoptive parents to meet the following requirements in order to adopt a child from Burkina Faso:


There is no residency requirement for prospective adoptive parents residing outside of Burkina Faso. There is a two-year residency requirement for prospective adoptive parents who live in Burkina Faso.

Age of Adopting Parents

A prospective adoptive parent must be between 30-55 years old and at least 15 years older than the child sought for adoption. If the prospective adoptee is the biological child of one of the spouses, the age difference between the child and the spouse must be at least 10 years.


Couples must be legally married for at least five years to be eligible to adopt. Although not specified in law, common practice is that single applicants and same sex couples are not permitted to adopt children in Burkina Faso. NOTE: Married prospective adoptive parents without children of their own are given priority. In some cases, couples that already have two or more children may have greater difficulty with the adoption process.


Prospective adoptive parents are required to have sufficient funds to be able to take care of their adoptive child. Proof of income must be submitted with the initial application.


Although not specified in law, childless couples are given priority, followed by couples with one child. The authorities must be convinced that an adoption will not generate a material profit for anyone involved in the adoption (except service providers such as lawyers).

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