Who Can Adopt from Sri Lanka

A girl in Negombo

In addition to the U.S. requirements, prospective adoptive parents must meet Sri Lanka’s requirements to adopt a child from Sri Lanka:


Foreign citizens residing in Sri Lanka are not permitted to adopt Sri Lankan children. There is no requirement that PAPs must reside a certain amount of time in Sri Lanka, either before, during, or after the adoption. However, both parents must be present at the Sri Lankan court proceedings.

Age of Adopting Parents

Both prospective adoptive parents must be over the age of 25 and not less than 21 years older than the prospective adoptive child.


Under Sri Lankan law, single individuals cannot adopt; married couples must jointly apply for adoption. Although existing laws in Sri Lanka does not expressly prohibit same-sex couples from adopting, in practice, same-sex couples are not found eligible to adopt a child from Sri Lanka.


There is no specific income requirement, but the selection criteria of the Department of Probation and Child Care includes the health, age, and income of the family.


Generally, both spouses must be present during the court proceedings unless the court waives personal appearance on the grounds of ill health (supported by the opinion of a medical practitioner who is licensed to practice in the United States). In such cases, the spouse who is unable to travel must provide a power of attorney to the spouse who will represent him/her in court. Prospective adoptive parents who do not have children will be given preference over parents who already have two or more children.

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