Who Can Adopt from Thailand

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In addition to the U.S. requirements, Thailand obliges prospective adoptive parents to meet the following requirements in order to adopt a child from Thailand:


Prospective adoption parents (PAPs) must generally work with the central or competent authorities of their country of residence if they have been living in that country for at least six months prior to submitting their dossier to DSDW and will remain in that country until they finalize the adoption.

Age of Adopting Parents

PAPs must be at least 25 years old and 15 years older than the child to be adopted. These requirements also apply when adopting relative children.


A PAP may be single or married. Married PAPs must have been married for at least two years. The marriage must be legally recognized. Thai law does not recognize same-sex marriage.


While there are no formal income requirements, PAPs must provide proof of income (e.g. tax returns, letters from employers stating income, bank statements, etc.) with their request (dossier) to the DSDW to adopt.


PAPs must be legally qualified under U.S. law to adopt a child.

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