Who Can Be Adopted from Argentina

Barreal, Calingasta, San Juan.

Argentina has specific requirements that a child must meet in order to be eligible for adoption. You cannot adopt a child in Argentina unless he or she meets the requirements outlined below.

In addition to these requirements, a child must meet the definition of an orphan under U.S. law for you to bring him or her back to the United States. Learn more about these U.S. requirements.

Relinquishment Requirements:

Biological parents may relinquish their children for adoption only through the courts. This release is irrevocable and can only be signed at the court by appointment set by a judge at least 60 days after the child's birth. It cannot be done immediately following the birth. The law provides for the 60-day window after the birth of the child to allow the birth mother time to think about her decision. During this 60-day period, the court may review the personal conditions of the biological parents, their age, ability to take care of the child, reasons for the release for adoption and any other considerations and information pertinent to this act. A judge may request the opinion of, technical advice from, and/or the effective participation of a Defensor de Menores e Incapaces from the Minsterio Publico de la Defensa to determine the best interests of the child.

Abandonment Requirements:

A release by the biological parents will not be necessary in those instances when the child is a ward of the court, already an orphan on the streets, or has been housed in a government institution continuously for more than one year without any indication of interest from the birth parent(s).

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