Who Can Be Adopted in Eritrea

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In addition to U.S. immigration requirements, Eritrea has specific requirements that a child must meet in order to be eligible for adoption:

Relinquishment: Not Specified.

Abandonment: Not Specified.

Age of Adoptive Child: The TCCE does not specify an age limit for the adoptive child. Children 15 years or older must give consent to the adoption contract.

Sibling Adoptions: The TCCE does not exclude adoption of sibling groups.

Special Needs or Medical Conditions: Not specified.

Waiting Period or Foster Care: There is no such requirement under the law.

Caution: Prospective adoptive parents should be aware that not all children in orphanages or children’s homes are adoptable. In many countries, birth parents place their child(ren) temporarily in an orphanage or children’s home due to financial or other hardship, intending that the child return home when this becomes possible. In such cases, the birth parent(s) have rarely relinquished their parental rights or consented to their child(ren)’s adoption.

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