Sometimes kids are excited to get a new brother or sister. Sometimes they are not! For us, our son was so excited about having a new sister join our family.

When you have biological children you know your kids will have a lot in common. They may share the same eye color, same hair color, and same personality quirks. Not only are they bonded by how they look, they are bonded by genetics.

Naturally I was worried if my children would be close or have an emotional bond. My children would not share their looks or genetic background. My brother and I share the same smile and have the same knees. My children would not grow up sharing those similarities with their siblings.

Some of you may have the opportunity to adopt siblings and I think that is wonderful. I have a couple of friends who were adopted and some have great relationships with their siblings. Some don’t. Sharing the same genetic makeup or not doesn’t determine whether you’ll be close. It was up to my husband and I to be good examples to our children, to show them how important it is to cherish your siblings.

The day we brought home our baby girl, my son was beyond excited. The first time he saw her and held her it was instant love. His love for his new sister was just like our love for our new child. It was love at first sight. At that moment I knew everything was going to be okay. They would love each other unconditionally, as we love them.

Besides our desire to have another baby, we also wanted my son to have a sibling. We wanted him to have someone he could play with and grow up with. Even though they do not share genetic make up, they share that they are both adopted. They will always have that connection. We hope that one day they can find comfort in each other, and in knowing they were both adopted. Hopefully they will be able to confide in one another about feelings my husband and I will never understand.

As my children get older I can see the love between them.  It is amazing to see their relationship grow stronger every day.