Wonderful You: An Adoption Story by Lauren McLaughlin, is a children’s book that adoptive parents of young children should have on their bookshelf. The story tells of a lady in blue with a baby in her tummy whom she lovingly refers to as, “Wonderful You”. It takes the reader along the journey of the lady in blue as she searches for and finds the best parents for her baby. The story is narrated from the perspective of the adoptive parents.

Each word just oozes love. It is warm, sweet and shares a positive message about adoption. The writer did a fantastic job of lovingly acknowledging the importance of the birth mother while also giving notice to the hopes and dreams of the adoptive parents. It does all of this while relaying a positive and kid-friendly message about adoption.

Wonderful You

The illustrations are amazing, diverse, colorful, full of whimsy and match the enchantment of the story. What caught this reader’s eye is the image of the adoptive parents. They are not perfect, appear to be a little bit older than average new parents and are playfully engaged with each other and the baby throughout the book.
This book is for young children between the ages of three to seven and may be better suited for children who have been adopted either internationally or domestically. Reading adoption story books to young children is a wonderful way to connect with them and creates an opening for further conversations about how they came into their families, birth parents, and the role adoption has played in the life of the family.

Wonderful You:  An Adoption Story is the perfect gift for new adoptive parents or for families who are on the lookout for books to help their children understand adoption.  It is available now on Amazon and at major book retailers.

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