Stories are powerful.

My life has been life-alteringly changed by words many times over. My favorite kind of books have always been in the non-fiction genre, the books telling real-life stories from real-life humans, sharing their great moments of brokenness and joy.

As a storyteller and author, I devour books, so when we began our adoption journey I made a list of books to tackle. Everyone’s story and lessons learned are different, there is no one single experience that is the same, and I wanted to learn from as many people as possible.

Here are thirteen books I think every hopeful adoptive parent should read:

In Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoptions by Rhonda Roorda

Inside Transracial Adoption by Beth Hall and Fail Steinberg

Everything You Ever Wanted by Jillian Lauren

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Sara Hagerty (faith-based)

Born Broken by Kristin Berry

Adoption Means Love by Michelle Madrid-Branch

This Undeserved Life by Natalie Brenner

Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm

Another Place At The Table by Kathy Harrison

In On It by Elisabeth O’Toole (Read review here

Financing Adoption with Fundraising by Natalie Brenner (free)

The Weary Parent’s Guide to Escaping Exhaustion by Mike Berry (free)

I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Biracial in a Race-Conscious World by Marguerite Wright

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