As a potential adoptive family, you either help or hurt ethical adoption practices. The major way we potential adoptive families can support ethical adoption practices is by only utilizing ethical adoption agencies.

Here are 5 red flags to look out for when you are choosing an adoption agency:

1. Uneducated or demeaning adoption language.

Adoption professionals should be shining role models of adoption language. They should seamlessly be able to talk the talk when it comes to proper adoption language. When I was visiting adoption agencies and attending their informational meetings, one agency stood out because of their poor adoption language. An expectant woman who was looking into an adoption plan was referred to us as “one of those types.”

2. Shorter wait times in exchange for higher fees.

There is no timeline in adoption. You could be chosen very quickly or very slowly. An agency can not predict how long that will take. Charging you more to be shown more is an unjust service to the expectant women that the agency should be serving.

3. Charging different fees for the adoption of different race children.

Yes, some agencies still do this. This is an unacceptable and unethical practice.

4. Little or limited pregnancy counseling.

An expectant mother needs the peace of mind of knowing that she made the best decision possible for herself and her baby. She can’t do this without being provided with the opportunity to work seriously with a counselor who has her best interests at heart.

5. A lack of long-term support for any member of the adoption triad.

Adoption is lifelong. You’ll need your agency’s support, particularly if you have a semi-open adoption and are using the agency as the go-between for long-term birth parent contact.

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