I love hearing stepparent adoption stories.  A powerful act of love occurs when a child asks a parent to adopt them.  That courage and love should be celebrated, cherished. Collected below are six stories of stepparent adoptions. You might want to get your tissues ready too. Just in case.

Story #1

This quick, beautiful video goes straight to the heart of it.  Listen to her ask, and him break down in tears.  These two clearly have a beautiful relationship and love.  He seems genuinely moved and surprised.  A lovely moment.

Story #2

At her school’s talent show, this amazing teenager sings an original song, asking her stepfather to adopt her.  It is so fun hearing all her friends cheer as her stepdad rushes to hug her.  An unabashed example of loving bravely!

Story #3

This beautifully written, straight from the heart open letter from a daughter to her adoptive stepfather reminds us of all the aspects of life that can become hectic at times.  My favorite line is the following:  “Even though I’m a crazy kid at times, I’m your crazy kid.”

Story #4

Some of these examples are big and grand.  This might be the most subdued of all the examples, but the look on this Dad’s face at the 1:20 mark is all heart.  The moment he understands what is going on, his emotions dance all over his face.  Again, what a great moment to have on film.

Story #5

“Let’s stop playing and make it official.”  On his 10th birthday, this little sweet boy reads from the note he has prepared for his stepfather.  “I know today is supposed to be about me, but it is really about us.”  A plan that was months in the making, this moment will be a treasure forever.

Story #6

This article about stepparent adoption is a great picture of the whole process.  The nerves, the tears, the joy.  It is a beautiful account of the ups and downs of any adoption.  The author also includes details about what one will need to be an adoptive stepparent.  Informative and emotional, it is a great read for hopeful adoptive stepparents.

Are you an adoptive stepparent?  Share your adoption story with us in the comments!