On his ten-year-old birthday, Kalani Watson stood in front of the man who has been a father figure in his life for nearly eight years and asked him to be his father.

Kalani Watson was only two years old when Williamson began dating his mother. Willaimson said, “We would talk for hours. I knew Kalani was very important to her. So if I loved her, I had to love him too.”

Since that time, Williamson has lovingly played the role of dad for Kalani, who hasn’t seen his biological father in many years.

So at his tenth birthday party, Kalani told Williamson he had something to say to him. Then he pulled out a paper and began to read. “I know today is supposed to be all about me, but today is really about us. So, let’s stop playing and make it official. Brandon Craig Williamson, will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?”

Williamson covered his face with his hands and began to cry.

“It would bring any man down,” he explained.

 The adoption proposal was something Kalani planned for months, after he asked his mother if he could take his stepdad’s last name, according to Liftable. He had hoped to do it on Father’s Day, but ran out of patience and decided to do it on his own birthday instead.

This isn’t the first time Kalani has brought his stepdad to tears. When he was four, he asked Williamson if he could call him “daddy,” reports the Daily Mail.