Louisiana is located above the Gulf of Mexico in the United States of America. The state was named after King Louis XIV of France. It’s known for its humid weather along its southern coastline. It’s also known for New Orleans and its many Mardi Gras celebrations. Louisiana has beautiful yellow wildflowers, crawfish, and jazz music. Beyond that, one heart grasping fact about the state of Louisiana is that thousands of children are without a stable and loving home. According to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, there are about 4,000 children currently in foster care.

Read about Kaitlyn and Kylon, siblings from Louisiana who are waiting to be adopted. These siblings need an adoptive family to love and take care of them. They desire to be adopted together so that they can grow up together and not have to leave one another once they find their loving family.

“Kaitlyn is a 6-year-old female, who is very friendly. She likes to smile, laugh, and have a good time. She also enjoys dancing and playing with her stuffed animals. She is very talkative and verbalizes her feelings very well. She is very excited about being adopted and would love to be adopted with her big brother, Kylon. The siblings share a special bond and desire to remain together. They both are looking for a family who will provide love, patience, care, and protection. Kylon is a happy and handsome 8-year-old male. He is very hands-on and enjoys playing, the outdoors, riding his bike, and basketball. He is such a litter entertainer, and he loves to express himself through song and dance. Kylon on target with education and always express a desire to learn more. He is a very active child with a lot of energy to burn and requires extra supervision. When most kids are snacking on junk food, he desires apples, bananas, grapes, and other fruit. Kylon desires a home that can provide him with supervision, support, guidance, and unconditional love.”

Jeremiah from Louisiana is also in need of a forever family. He deals with many different struggles that set him apart from the average child, and he needs a family that can help take care of him who meets his needs to thrive. This loving little boy is hoping to find that family who can tend to his needs and provide him the love that he deserves.

“Three-year-old Jeremiah will surely melt the hearts of his forever family with his smile and upbeat spirit. Jeremiah enjoys playing with his toys on the floor and having fun. Jeremiah does not use words to communicate, but he does make sounds, and he uses hand gestures to communicate his wants. Jeremiah is making progress developmentally and physically. His verbal and motor skills have improved as he grows and strives to perfect daily tasks. He enjoys hugs, attention, and lots of affection. He thrives on positive interaction with his caretaker. Jeremiah’s adoptive family will provide lifelong support and meet his ongoing medical, therapeutic, educational, and emotional needs.”

Rebekah and Rachel are another sibling duo in Louisiana that are looking for a nurturing family. They share a loving bond and wish to be adopted together.

“Rachel is an affectionate fun-loving 16-year-old who loves her younger sister very much. She enjoys reading and writing her personal thoughts and feelings in her journal. Rachel has a great sense of humor and adapts well to new environments. Rebekah is also an affectionate 14-year-old that enjoys watching cartoons. She requires extra attention and guidance; however, she responds well to her older sister, Rachel. Rebekah has expressed that she loves playing outside and interacting with family and friends. 

Both girls have a desire to be adopted together and would love to have a forever family. They are looking for a family who is willing to assist both girls in reaching their future goals and dreams.”

For more photo listings of children waiting for adoption in Louisiana, you can find many more profiles on Adoption.com’s photolisting page. This photo listing page gives you a glimpse of the many faces of children in Louisiana who are needing parents who can provide a family environment to grow up in. These faces can melt anyone’s heart, especially knowing that the greatest hope for these children is to someday be part of a family. These faces are also a great example of why adoption through foster care in Louisiana is so important. Many prospective adoptive parents would rather proceed with infant adoption, but adoption in Louisiana through foster care is also an amazing avenue to pursue if it’s right for your family. For more information regarding adopting through foster care, visit this article titled, “Foster Care Adoption” written by Rebekah Yahoves. In this article, Yahoves provides loads of helpful information regarding the facts and benefits of adopting through foster care. She also provides a motivational point of this type of love. She writes, “If you feel called to raise a child who is desperate for a warm, loving family, foster care adoption may be a wonderful option for you. As always, lots of careful consideration and a supportive community are important as you make this life-changing decision. You can be the caring adult that changes the direction of the life of a child.”

Adoption is a way to grow your family especially and uniquely. Providing unconditional love and support for a child in need is such a rewarding experience for everyone involved. You are choosing to change a child’s life in one of the best ways possible. In turn, you are allowing your life and your family’s life to change and grow in the process. You are choosing to love a child as your own, no matter how hard it may become. You are choosing to dedicate yourself and your family to a lifelong decision that will be amazing and also hard at times. It will be worth it. We are going to explore more specifics on adoption in Louisiana! Let me share with you some helpful information that may guide you through the specific laws and requirements.

Adoption Laws in Louisiana according to Children’s Code Art. 1167-1270

Currently, every state sets up its own adoption laws. Therefore, these laws differ from state to state. For example, some states have age restrictions and require a prospective adoptive parent to be older than the adoptee by a specific number of years. This is not the case in Louisiana. Additionally, Louisiana is only one of six states that requires a person to be at least 18 years old to become an adoptive parent. The laws also vary by state regarding the time period a birth parent has to reclaim a child. More adoption laws specific to the state of Louisiana are listed below:

– Who May Be Adopted? For any child or adult; special procedures exist to adopt a child.

– Age That a Child’s Consent Is Needed? Not Required.

– Who May Adopt? Any single person 18 years of age or older or a married couple jointly.

– Home Residency Required Before Finalization of Adoption? One year and six months home residency.

– State Agency/Court? Department of Social Services and Juvenile Court.

– State of Limitations to Challenge? Thirty days; six months for fraud or duress.

Hugh Jackman, a famous actor and producer once said, “I think adoption is a blessing all around when it’s done right.” This statement is very bold, and I do believe that adoption is an absolute blessing. I also can understand the importance of doing it the right way. If you are looking into any of the different ways of adoption in Louisiana, take time to appropriately educate yourself about adoption. Join the adoption community and make friends with other adoptive parents. Read all the information available about adoption in Louisiana. Reach out to the many resources available to you as a prospective adoptive parent or aspiring foster parent. All of these tools will help you along the way.

Lastly, if you are an adoptee or birth family member trying to reunite with other birth family members, there are many resources available for this to be successful. Nowadays, social media has made it easier for birth families to find one another and reach out to each other. Specifically, regarding adoption in Louisiana, visit Adoption.com’s Louisiana Search and Reunion Resources. Here, you will find information to help you reunite with birth family members. This resource also provides additional information that may help you with your search for a reunion including the following listed below. I hope that many of these resources help bring loved ones together.

– Contact information for adoption-related information and records specific to adoption in Louisiana.

– Information on using the State of Louisiana Adoption Registry.

– Contact information for the Louisiana Adoption Registry.

– Additional resources and information regarding Search and Reunion.



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