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Kaitlyn from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Kaitlyn is a six year old female, who is very friendly. She likes to smile, laugh, and have a good time. She also enjoys dancing and playing with her stuff animals. She is very talkative and verbalizes her feelings very well. She is very excited about being adopted and would love to be adopted with her big brother Kylon. The siblings shares a special bond and desires to remain together. They both are looking for a family who will provide love, patience, care, and protection. Kylon is a happy and handsome eight year old male. He is very hands on and enjoys, playing, outdoors, riding his bike and basketball. He is such a litter entertainer as he loves to express himself through song and dance. Kylon on target with education and always express a desire to learn more. He is a very active child with a lot of energy to burn and requires extra supervision. When most kids are snacking on junk food he desires apple, bananas, grapes, and other fruit. Kylon desires a home that can provide him with supervision, support, guidance and unconditional love.