It was 2013 when Toby Meisenheimer of Warrenville, Ill., went to put a bandage on his toddler’s forehead.

Toby and his wife, Murphy, had adopted transracially, and when Toby reached for a Band-Aid to comfort his son, he realized a problem: it didn’t match his son’s skin.

Fast-forward a year and Meisenheimer officially launched Tru-Colour Bandages, a slim start-up company with a mission to make wound care inclusive and less noticeable for people of color.

Now after years of hard work and dedication, Tru-Colour is debuting in Target stores nationwide.

Meisenheimer, who has since welcomed five other children into his family, believes this company wouldn’t exist if he and his wife hadn’t adopted.

“The whole reason we are here is because we adopted transracially,” he said. “Had we not, I wouldn’t have had a son with a brown forehead trying to sport a white Bandaid. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, thought about it, or cared.”

Target is the first major retailer to sell Tru-Colour’s “#betru2u” bandages that come in three shades, all of which are designed to match multiple skin tones.

The bandages are 100 percent latex-free and sold at the same price-point as other adhesive bandages.

“We’re thrilled that Target resonates with our belief that everyone deserves a bandage that matches their skin tone,” said Meisenheimer.

More information on Tru-Colour Bandages can be found at or on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.