An Arizona mom has written a beautiful song, and it’s striking a chord with adoptive families everywhere.

Rachel Moore wrote the song, “Grafted In” after she and her husband adopted a daughter from Hyderabad, India.

The song came together after a lengthy adoption process.

Rachel says the first verse encompasses their season of waiting — more than four years filled with anticipation and wonder.

“So many days, nights, and miles apart…

But still you’ve existed in my heart.

Never could I’ve understood

What finding you would do…”

The song continues to weave together the feelings and emotions experienced by the Moore family as they meet their daughter and bring her home.

A singer and songwriter, Rachel pieced together the lyrics of her newest song a few months after they brought their daughter, Haddie, home. Her husband composed the music, and Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records went on to produce the background music.

“Older child adoption and adoption in general is not always roses and rainbows. It is hard,” says Rachel. “If we stay quiet about it and don’t talk about our struggles we are left hurting alone.”

Rachel says she hopes others see the power of love through her song.

“Grafted In” is available for download here. You can also listen to it for free at

This new adoption song shares the story of an international adoption.