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Catholicism is a Christian religion with Latin roots, it includes Christian churches who align themselves with major catholic organizations, primarily the Roman Catholic Church, headquartered at the Vatican in Italy. It makes up the largest Christian church and denomination in the world with more than 1.27 billion members.

The Catholic church is made up of a diverse system of church government and hierarchy, with governing laws, doctrines and principles. The church maintains a stance as the church Jesus Christ established almost 2000 years ago. The faith has greatly influenced history throughout the world, and maintains a strong presence mainly in Central and South America, Europe, and Africa.

The Catholic faith operates numerous facilities around the world, including: hospitals and health clinics, orphanages and foster homes, schools, ministries, universities, charities, homeless shelters and other humanitarian aid organizations.


Over the centuries, Catholic doctrine has been developed and directed by early Christians who have been aided by God’s divine guidance. This has resulted in some division amongst the church over time, but the Roman Catholic Church believes to hold the authority on the official doctrine of the faith.

They believe in the Holy Trinity, meaning one eternal God who exists as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and that the Son of God united with human nature through the Blessed Virgin Mary. They focus on the concept one church, one religion, and one faith.

They also believe in the mainstream Christian Creeds as well as the Holy Bible as the word of God. They also believe salvation is found by becoming a member through baptism and eucharist, understanding the doctrine, being an active participant in the church, and living a fulfilling Christlike life.

Adoption Background

Official Catholic church adoption and foster care services have been withdrawn in recent years due to conflicting interests in various nations. However, there are still a number of privately owned and operated independent Catholic adoption agencies and foster homes found online and throughout the world.

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