Charlotte, North Carolina offers many opportunities to expectant parents considering placing a baby for adoption, hopeful adoptive parents interested in adopting a child, adoptees—both adults and children, and adoption professionals looking to better their communities. Adoption in North Carolina is one option for expectant parents considering adoption and hopeful adoptive parents hoping to build a forever family.

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Charlotte

1. Confirm your pregnancy with an OBGYN. If you need financial or medical support, learn more about your options from the Team

2. Find your support system. You might consider sharing your unplanned pregnancy with a trusted friend, family member, or counselor.

3. Choose a trusted adoption agency. Check to see what services they can provide throughout your pregnancy and after placement. 

4. Speak with an adoption professional who can answer your questions about contact with your child after placement, financial support, and choosing a family you love. 

5. Create an Adoption Plan that includes your plans throughout your pregnancy, your preferences for adoption placement, and your resources post-placement.

Adopting a Baby in Charlotte, North Carolina 

1. Choose what type of adoption is right for you 

Domestic Infant Adoption: The adoption of a newborn in the country where you live. Typically, the expectant mother carrying the child will choose the family.

Foster Adoption: The adoption of a foster child in your care. The only way adoption becomes an option for children in foster care is if their parents’ rights are terminated by the judge overseeing the case. 

International Adoption: The adoption of a child from another country. International adoption is overseen by both a local and an international adoption agency in the country you are looking to adopt from. 

2. Learn more about the contact with the birth parents post-placement

3. Learn more about North Carolina adoption laws

4. Choose a reputable adoption agency to work with.

5. Complete your adoption application 

6. Complete your home study 

7. Create a Parent Profile 

Adoptee Resources

Adoptee voices are one of the most important in the adoption community. As adoptees age, learn more about their stories, and form their own opinions about their adoptions, they can offer even more insight about the adoption process. Openness in the process and with your relationships can help you all in establishing healthy boundaries. 

Before placement, hopeful adoptive parents should understand more about transracial adoption, choosing an adoption-informed pediatrician, and establishing a support system for their child.

Adult adoptees who are seeking to reconnect with a biological family member can sign up on’s Reunion Registry

Adoption Laws in Charlotte, North Carolina

Adoption laws are different in every state. Adoption in North Carolina is not finalized until after a birth parent(s) has voluntarily signed away their parental rights

Adoption Agency

The Gladney Center for Adoption provides nationwide adoption services to expectant parents, birth parents, hopeful adoptive parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Gladney offers services that can benefit all members of the adoption triad pre- and post-placement such as: 

– Counseling 

– Temporary Care

– Medical Care

– Financial Support

– Legal Support 

– Networking and Support

– Living Arrangments

– Post-Adoption Planning 

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