Samuel loves outdoor activities, robots, puzzles, and movies. He excels in block-stacking, drawing, and enjoys playing with balls and stringing beads. He thrives in group play, has a close bond with his foster family, and dreams of becoming a policeman. This Summer, Samuel needs a US family with a current home study to host him for Gladney’s Taiwan Hosting Program.

Understanding the Taiwan Hosting Program

Gladney’s Taiwan Hosting Program offers children like Samuel the chance to experience family life in the United States for a few weeks during the summer. This program provides children with an opportunity to practice English and experience American culture. For host families, it’s a chance to make a lasting impact on a child’s life and potentially consider adoption. Families should be prepared for:

  • Orientation and Training: Attend sessions to understand the child’s needs and hosting expectations.
  • Home Preparation: Create a welcoming space for the child.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Learn about Taiwan’s culture to make the child feel comfortable.
  • Support and Resources: Access to support from Gladney throughout the hosting period.

Hosting a child can be a life-changing experience. Families interested in hosting must have a current home study to be eligible for the program.

About the Gladney Center for Adoption

Founded in 1887, the Gladney Center for Adoption has a long history of connecting children with loving families. The center offers comprehensive adoption services including counseling, education, and post-adoption support. Gladney’s mission is to create bright futures through adoption by focusing on the well-being of children and families. Their international adoption programs address the needs of older children and those with special needs.

How Can You Help?

If you can’t host Samuel yourself, there are still many ways to help:

  1. Spread the Word: Share Samuel’s story with friends, family, and social networks. The more people know about him, the higher the chances of finding a host family.
  2. Advocate: Talk to local community groups, churches, or schools about the hosting program and how they can get involved.
  3. Support Financially: Donate to hosting programs to help cover costs for families who want to host but may need financial assistance.

Hosting a child like Samuel can be a transformative experience. It offers children a nurturing environment and gives the family a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact. If you are interested in hosting or adopting, the Gladney Center for Adoption provides the necessary support and resources to guide you through the process.

For more detailed information about Samuel and the Taiwan Hosting Program, you can read the full updates and learn more about his journey:

Your participation or support in the hosting program could change a child’s life forever. Consider helping find a family for Samuel this summer.