Completely selfless and caring is how to best describe Linda Trepamier. She is a nurse and also a foster care worker for children that need a higher level of medical care. Linda already had six children, biological and adopted, plus three grandchildren, when she decided to add Matthew and Marshall to her and her partner Mike’s family. Linda stated, “I just fell in love with them. I knew in my heart that they were my boys.”

Matthew and Marshall, who are now three years old, were born with Pfeiffer Syndrome, and their biological parents were unable to care for them because of the high level of special care they require. The syndrome results in the skull bones fusing prematurely in the womb, with other features being high foreheads, protruding eyes, and displaced ears. The twins have already had three surgeries to increase the size of their skulls to provide room for their brains to grow. They have feeding tubes and are very prone to catching illnesses. Linda must tend to their needs around the clock, must take their temperatures frequently throughout the day to ensure the boys do not have an infection, and of course, there are many medical appointments.

Many of her family and friends were shocked when Linda decided to adopt Matthew and Marshall at the age of 58 and nearing retirement. But Linda stated, “I just feel privileged that I have been able to make a real, positive difference to Matthew and Marshall’s lives.”

While some may see what Linda did a sacrifice, she does not.  I personally see it as a loving commitment. With her nursing experience and open heart and home, she makes the perfect mom for Matthew and Marshall. This is a family that has the resources as well as the willingness and strength to provide for Matthew and Marshall. I hope Linda’s story impacts others and they see a story of the strength and determination to provide the best possible life for all children.

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