NCFA Webinar: Trauma-Informed Parenting Part 2

Date and Time: April 2nd | 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

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Join us for a continued look at trauma-informed parenting, through the lens of complex trauma. This workshop-style NCFA webinar will look at the characteristics of Complex PTSD, behaviors and conditions that can develop after exposure to traumatic stress, and the ways this may present itself within an adoptive parent-child relationship.

NCFA provides strategies for parenting through challenges related to maintaining trust, repairing self-worth, and regulating complex emotions. This presentation will explore ways to understand and meet the needs of children as they move toward adolescence, a phase where the brain’s developmental progression may present additional challenges for those who have experienced significant interpersonal trauma.

Presenter: Susan K. Taylor, Piedmont Coordinator, Consortium for Resource, Adoptive, and Foster Family Training (CRAFFT), at Radford University

CE Credits / NY Contact Hours

Note: Registration is still open for Part 1 of this NCFA webinar series! Please note each part is a standalone webinar and there is no requirement to attend both.

Trauma-Informed Parenting for Adoptive Parents (Part 2) NCFA Webinar for Adoptive Parents

Part 1: Trauma-Informed Parenting for Adoptive Parents – March 5, 2023

In this empowering webinar hosted by the National Council for Adoption (NCFA), adoptive parents will gain invaluable insights and practical skills in trauma-informed parenting and complex trauma. Led by Susan K. Taylor, Piedmont Coordinator at Radford University’s Consortium for Resource, Adoptive, and Foster Family Training (CRAFFT), participants will explore essential principles and practical strategies for trauma-informed caregiving, learn techniques for managing challenging behaviors, and discover methods for fostering trust and safety within the adoptive family dynamic. Real-life examples will provide confidence in recognizing and responding to the unique needs of children who have experienced trauma.

This NCFA webinar is a must for adoptive families seeking to enhance their understanding of trauma-informed parenting, with valuable insights also available for adoption professionals.