High school sweethearts Josh and Aly Taylor were told by doctors they would never have children. Now the couple has their hearts and arms full with three beautiful little girls. TLC’s ‘Rattled’ crew documented the family on their journey.

At age 24 Aly was trying to conceive when the doctors discovered she had breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy to rid her body of the cancer, but the treatment wreaked havoc on her reproductive system. The couple was told it would be impossible to get pregnant. Josh and Aly had been matched with an egg donor, but decided instead to go a different route. They adopted baby Genevieve in 2015. Nine months later, Aly found out she was pregnant.

A month later she received a call from Genevieve’s birth mother asking if she would consider adopting the baby she just learned she was pregnant with. Josh and Aly expected this next adoption to be easy because they had already been through it before. They were wrong. The Taylors gave birth to Vera, and 11 days later, Lydia was born. The birth mother changed her mind about the adoption for a period before relinquishing the girl. It was very hard for the family to have to leave the hospital initially without Lydia. What were even more difficult were the extremely personal interviews the show needed. While invasive and daunting, those questions were necessary to show all of the sides of the process.

The season finale includes her cancer checkup. Aly is cancer free, and is hoping her fears and emotions captured by the cameras will be helpful to others. “These are the days we prayed for,” Ally said. “These are the days we were told we couldn’t have, and so even during the crazy times, they’re still wonderful.”

TLC began filming in July 2016 and ended the following May. Aly thought the focus of the documentary-style show would be her miracle pregnancy and her five-year cancer checkup. It ended up being so much more.

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