What would you do if you were physically unable to unite your family, especially if two of your children were on a different continent? That is what Doug and Brooke Waller are experiencing.

According to their local ABC news, they adopted two children, Rose and Joseph, from Uganda, but US Immigration will not allow them to enter the United States. To be placed in an orphanage in Uganda, the law is that one or both of the biological parents must be deceased. But unfortunately, this was not the case for Rose and Joseph.  The biological parents faked a death so the orphanage would accept the children.  Joseph has sickle cell anemia and the parents knew he would not get the medical treatment he needs in Uganda.

Doug and Brooke realize the hard decision that the biological parents made when placing Rose and Joseph in an orphanage; it was an act based on their selfless love.  But unfortunately, it is causing immigration issues for Doug and Brooke and delaying Joseph’s treatment. The biological parents have surrendered their parental rights and the Ugandan and the US governments are trying to resolve the immigration issue.

Doug and Brooke greatly want Rose and Joseph home in Arkansas so their whole family can be together and the medical concerns can be addressed in the United States. Doug and Brooke have two children already in Arkansas whom they adopted from Ethiopia a couple years ago.

To local NWA news, Doug stated, “we have been so blessed by the support we have received since we have gone public with this story. Share our story. Share it with the community. Share it with elected officials. We will keep fighting to bring our children home.”

Doug and Booke have created a Facebook group as well as a gofundme page. Please share this information to help this loving family bring their children to their forever home.