“What motivated you to adopt?” You will hear various responses to this question; two examples would be wanting to help a child in an orphanage or wanting to grow your family due to infertility.

I complete home studies for an adoption agency and a question I ask families is, “Is adoption more about you or the child?” This is a fairly open-ended question that is meant to have the family realize what their goals, intentions, and realities are concerning the adoption process and the adoption.

Most likely, you will be asked by others, even strangers, why you have adopted. If your child is with you it is important to be prepared with a response that they will understand and that is positive adoption language. Children are sponges and will hear your responses to these questions.

Personally, I had always wanted to be a mother but struggled with infertility. So early on, my husband and I knew that adoption would be the way we would build our family. We now have a sweet and wonderful three-year-old. We are a transracial family, so I have already been asked a handful of times at the store, etc. about our daughter and our adoption. I have either answered the question or replied that information is our daughter’s story to share when she is older and ready to share.

So, if you are thinking about starting the adoption process, take some time, and really think about your personal situation, meaning, and motivation. Think about how you will positively handle these questions from strangers because that is what your child deserves.

If you have adopted, what have been your motivations to adopt?



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