“There is a void in my heart that aches with want to comfort and wipe away the tears of a child, to read bedtime stories until they drift off to sleep, to have them sneak into my bed in the night when they are scared, for the quiet moments and the loud laughter, and the bond between husband, wife, and child. I want to dream with a child of all they will see and be there to cushion the blows when life is unfair. I want to teach them about Jesus and love and goodness. I dream of watching their eyes in amazement at new sights. I want; I ache; I dream. I know there is a child out there without a home. A child with no one to tuck them in at night, no one to kiss them and tell them that they matter, or to tell them they are special. There is a child who dreams of the same things I do. When will I find you?” This poem was written by Michelle and is titled, “To Have and to Hold.” Maybe this is exactly how you are feeling, or you can somewhat relate to the emotions in this poem. If you are looking to adopt a child to grow your family, I wish you the absolute best on your unique and beautiful journey!

If you are looking to adopt in the state of Georgia, please be aware of the laws, processes, and information about adoption in this specific state. You can find helpful information regarding adoption in Georgia here. You will also see answers to many common questions including:

1. Can I Adopt in Georgia?

2. What Adoption Regulations Exist in Georgia?

3. Is Adoption Assistance Available in Georgia?

4. Can I Adopt a Child from Another Country?

5. What Are the State Contacts?

In addition to this helpful website, see the articles listed below for further information regarding adoption in Georgia. These will provide a full understanding and details of the processes and information needed to move along with your adoption.

Georgia Adoption Guide – Find tips on completing your adoption in Georgia.

Here, you will find statistics regarding how many children are in the current foster care system waiting for adoption. This also provides a listing of requirements needed in the state of Georgia to adopt. You will also find specific information on domestic infant adoption, foster adoption, international adoption, and stepparent adoption.

Adoption in GA: Each country and state is so different when it comes to adoption laws and regulations.

Here, you will find additional and extensive information about specific laws, information, and requirements for adoption in Georgia. This article includes plenty of helpful information, links, and additional articles that may assist you in collecting all the information you may need on your journey to adopt in the state of Georgia!

Hopefully, you have a better understanding and have reviewed the laws, information, and processes surrounding adoption in Georgia. Now, we are going to place our direct focus on adoption agencies in Georgia (GA). First, what exactly is an adoption agency? According to the glossary on Adoption.com, an adoption agency is an organization that is licensed in the state or states where it transacts its business, which is to assist in placing children needing parents with adoptive parents that are looking for children. Agencies exist in a wide variety of organizational forms including nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental agencies. Although the legal impact of the organizational or business structure of an adoption agency may be different, the services that they are licensed to provide are generally very similar. This definition can be found here. Adoption agencies in GA are important to learn about and understand as you navigate through the adoption process. You want to choose an adoption agency that will work best for you. Before you begin your search through adoption agencies in GA, check out these articles listed below, which provide a helpful outlook before choosing an adoption agency.

Adoption agencies vs. Adoption Attorneys: What’s the difference? What’s right for me?     

This article written by Narda Emmett navigates these questions and provides a breakdown of the similarities and differences between adoption agencies and adoption attorneys. So, before finding adoption agencies in GA, find out if an adoption agency is what you are actually looking for. Adoption agencies seem to be more comprehensive in supporting the steps towards an adoption plan including counseling support, adoption education, and training.

22 Questions to Ask Adoption Agencies Before Choosing: Hold out for an agency that fits the criteria that is important to you.

This article written by Maya Brown-Zimmerman provides exactly what the title introduces. She explains that choosing an agency is one of the most important first steps that prospective parents will take in their journey of adoption, so choosing wisely is important. The questions she provides for prospective parents to ask an adoption agency are highly recommendable. Included are five different categories of questions. These categories of questions include questions regarding the following: logistics, expectant/birth parent services, fees, statistics, and communication. When the prospective adoption agencies answer these questions for you, it will help you narrow your decision into choosing an adoption agency in GA. This will also give you the knowledge you need before making an important decision.

Finding a Reputable Adoption Agency: Four Essential Criteria

This article focuses on advice given by a mother of 19 children, 10 of whom are adopted. Deanne Walker goes on to give information regarding what to look for in an adoption agency. She provides details on fees, agency services, reputations, and general rules. This should be a great help to you before you begin your search through the adoption agencies in GA.

How to Choose an Ethical Adoption Agency (Domestic Infant Adoption): Your agency should be actively working to protect the rights of everyone involved in an adoption.

Stacey Stark provides insight and the benefits of choosing an ethical adoption agency. She warns of the caution areas or red flags that may alert you of an agency not appropriately handling their business. Therefore, this article may provide great additional things to look or ask for in your search. She covers these different points and explains why you should consider each topic while choosing an agency.

1. If the agency is a nonprofit, look up the organization’s Form 990 or an annual tax form.

2. Ask how the agency handles the rights of biological fathers.

3. Read the section of the agency’s website meant for expectant mothers.

4. Be on alert for potentially coercive actions.

Now that you have been provided with more information regarding adoption agencies, let’s move forward and take a look at specific adoption agencies in GA. If you are looking to adopt through foster care, you should become familiar with the Georgia DFCS which will provide you with all the information you need. According to the Division of Family and Children Services of Georgia, licensed private adoption agencies focus primarily on the adoption of children who are not in the custody of DFCS. So, if you are looking into a domestic infant adoption or adoption other than foster care, you will want to look into these private adoption agencies in GA.

GALAA stands for Georgia Association of Licensed Adoption Agencies. According to their website, GALAA’s mission is to promote quality practices among providers of adoption services. “The Georgia Association of Licensed Adoption Agencies promotes ethical adoption practices, provides a forum for the education of its members, and advocates for the best adoption policies in Georgia. We are a resource in the community to advance awareness and understanding of adoption. This includes advocacy for quality services, policies, and adoption laws and practices at the state, local, and federal levels.”

GALAA provides information regarding the adoption process specific to the state of Georgia such as paths to adoption, the adoption process, basic requirements, and Georgia adoption laws. 

Adoption is such a beautiful way to grow your family and provide a loving, stable home for a child in need. The state of Georgia has many different agencies to choose from, and it’s important to choose the right one. While you search for the right agency to work with, please remember the important questions to ask. Take the advice from the many articles and sites listed here. Read the information given about adoption specifically in Georgia so that you stay aware and make the best out of this adoption journey.


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