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To Have and to Hold

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There is a void in my heart that aches with want
to comfort and wipe away the tears of a child,
to read bedtime stories until they drift off to sleep,
to have them sneak into my bed in the night when they are scared,
for the quiet moments and the loud laughter,
and for the bond between husband, wife and child.

I want to dream with a child of all they will see
and be there to cushion the blows when life is unfair.
I want to teach them about Jesus and love and goodness.
I dream of watching their eyes in amazement of new sights.
I want, I ache, I dream.

I know there is a child out there without a home.
A child with no one to tuck them in at night,
no one to kiss them and tell them that they matter,
or to tell them they are special.
There is a child who dreams of the same things I do.
When will I find you?

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