Adoption is a worldwide act of love. Taking a child in and raising him as your own is absolutely important today, especially in this world we live in. I am blown away by the statistics cited in this article from 2015. It states that “worldwide, some 17,9000,000 children are without families.” Those numbers are absolutely heartbreaking. It’s sad to know that so many children are not experiencing the loving and nurturing environment that a family can provide. These children are without the guidance and attention they desperately need. It’s quite ironic that once we legally become adults, we actually need guidance the most. In my opinion, 18-year-olds are extremely vulnerable and absolutely need continuous loving, family guidance during this time. This same article cites from 2012 that “23,396 children reached 18 years of age in the U.S. foster care system.” Wow. There are way too many children out there that never receive the opportunity to experience that love from a family. This same article also provides information regarding issues that children face when they do not get to experience a loving and stable family environment. This article’s content about adoption in GA is a great example of why adoption is so important in our society today.

Researching adoption can be quite overwhelming. In this country, each state makes its own laws in the area of adoption. Because of this, there are many different state-specific resources regarding adoption. If you are seeking adoption resources, keep in mind to make sure that you are finding the correct information that relates to the state or states involved. Today, I am going to specifically focus on adoption in Georgia (GA). One of the best resources that I’ve found that relates to adoption in Georgia can be found on this page. Here, you will find information specifically relating to adoption in GA that includes domestic infant adoptions, international adoptions, and foster care adoptions. You will also find answers to many frequently asked questions such as the following:

– Can I adopt in GA?

– What adoption regulations exist in Georgia?

– Is adoption assistance available in Georgia?

– Can I adopt a child from another country?

If you are looking to adopt, finding the right adoption agency that provides you with all of the resources and support you need can be a challenge. Taking your time and finding what is best for you on your adoption journey is important. If you are looking for agencies that specialize and provide services for adoption in GA, you can find a listing of such agencies on this directory. This list of adoption agencies might be a great start to your adoption journey since they provide support and guidance to adoptive parents.

Providing a safe, secure, and loving home for a child is such an honorable thing to do. I also believe it is an honor to take a child into your home as your own because each child is so special. Finding that amazing child or children to provide for can seem like an intimidating task. I mean, you are choosing a person or people who will change your life and vice versa. The whole process may be frightening, rough, and awkward at times. Although, through it all, the love and bond that is created between a chosen family will be worth it all! Here is a photo listing of children that are waiting to be adopted in GA. In this photo listing, you will see so many precious children in Georgia waiting to find their forever families. All of those smiles are just waiting to be shared with you!

If you are looking for search and reunion resources regarding adoption in GA, I’d like to share this reliable site with you. It will also provide additional resources that can aid you with your search and reunion journey and would be a great place to start your Georgia adoption record search. Additionally, take a look at the search and reunion guide that provides a lot of helpful information and will give you the basic steps of finding your biological relatives. Then, don’t forget to register in’s Reunion Registry. In the Reunion Registry, you will also be able to modify your search in several different ways which enables you to have an easier experience. There is also a free eBook download regarding reuniting with biological family. Helpful links to articlesreunion forums, and more are also great resources to guide you and for support.

The adoption community is an amazing place to be a part of. Support makes such an incredible difference no matter your connection to adoption whether you are an adoptee, a birth parent, an adoptive parent, a foster parent, or a person that relates to adoption in any other way. You can start to explore the world’s largest adoption community by visiting the adoption community. Here, you will find forums, answers, questions, videos, blogs, photos, groups, and more about adoption. In these areas, you may search for Georgia-specific resources. As previously mentioned, being part of the adoption community is an amazing way to gain knowledge, answers, confidence, and support on your adoption journey.

Tuning into adoption articles has been one of the most amazing ways I’ve personally gained an immense amount of knowledge and compassion for everything relating to adoption. By simply subscribing to the articles on this site, I have received so much support. These articles contain so much useful information that allows me to keep my awareness high on current adoption laws and other news. I have also gained so much insight from all the different perspectives given in an adoption story. I’ve also experienced so much clarity and compassion on my own adoption journey from these awesome articles, and I highly recommend for you to check it out as well.

I am going to share with you a couple of current articles located on this article site. All of these articles were written in 2018, and they also specifically relate to adoption in GA.

– “Georgia Lawmakers to Focus on Adoption”: Meghan Rivard writes about how Georgia is currently aware that they need to revisit and improve their adoption system and procedures. This article was written at the beginning of 2018 and explains how Georgia state representatives are focusing on adoption laws within their annual plan. It provides further details regarding the current adoption process.

Here are some of the questions you can ask:

1. What are the requirements for parents to qualify to adopt in Georgia?

2. Does Georgia require that I use an adoption agency to complete an adoption?

3. Where can I find children who are available for adoption through foster care in Georgia?

4. What are the regulations in Georgia regarding birth mother expenses?

5. What should I know about birth father rights in Georgia?

6. Is there a period in which birth parents can revoke consent for adoption in Georgia?

Many of the questions that you have regarding adoption in GA may be answered in this article. If not, it also provides contact information if you’d like to reach out and ask any additional questions.

– “New Georgia Legislation Aims to Cut Back Adoption Red Tape”: In this article, Meghan Rivard provides details on the long and stressful adoption process in Georgia. She also provides information on a proposed bill that may be passed which will update a few time frames in the process of adoption in GA. This bill could also revise adoption finalization and birth mother expenses.

– Most recently written is this article titled, “New Adoption Law in Georgia Shorten Adoption Process.” In this article, Lita Jordan follows up on the previous articles written regarding adoption in GA revisions by state representatives. She explains that this new adoption law in Georgia would shorten the time frame that birth parents have the right to revoke their consent. This means that the overall adoption process in Georgia would shorten. She also provides different reactions to this revision that may occur with birth parents and adoptive parents.

It is great to be aware of all things adoption-related. As a birth mother, it feels amazing to be part of the adoption community. The adoption community has provided comfort, compassion, knowledge, understanding and so much more. If you are currently impacted by adoption in GA, I recommend that you stay informed and provide yourself with the support you will need. There are so many people and resources out there that can help you. I hope you found lots of information here that may help you on your journey!


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