Did you know that there are over 150 families looking to adopt on adoption.com alone? There are 150 potential moms and/or dads to love your baby like their own and include you in their lives. There are 150 people wishing on shooting stars or praying to God above that they might get to tuck a little one in at night. How do you begin to choose? There are so many families looking to adopt and it feels almost impossible to make a decision that is as important as this one. 

For some birth families, there are very specific guidelines they want to be met before they even consider a family: 

Will the baby be an only child or are there potential siblings in the home? 

Will a parent stay at home to raise the baby or will they go to daycare?

Is it a two-parent household or a single-parent household?

Does the family love dogs? Do they love cats? Are they more of a one-animal family or do they have a menagerie? 

What kind of house do they live in?

What do they look like?

Does the potential family have a good job?

Are they active or couch potatoes?

What is their taste in music like?

Does the potential family want an open or semi-open adoption?

The list could go on and on forever, and still, it feels like it would take divine intervention to make the best choice. Maybe it does, at that. 

There are some basic guidelines of what to look for in potential adoptive families, how to proceed, questions to ask, and much more available at adoption.com. There, a willing person will help you through the process of considering adoption for your child. 

I’ve taken the time to list ten families looking to adopt that have profiles posted on adoption.com. They have little in common besides they are all hoping to parent a baby that needs a family. Here, in no particular order, are a bit of who they are, what they are like, where they are from, and in some cases, a small piece of their letter to you, the potential adoptive parent (where it felt pertinent or important). 

As you consider these, you will also notice on the bottom of the screen are more profiles. I’m not certain what the algorithm is that dictates who you see underneath the profile you are already viewing, but I found many families that weren’t on the front page but still had lovely profiles to peruse. Each profile has lovely pictures of family, friends, pets, activities, and more. There are brief, heartfelt letters from family members and friends about the hopeful parents. There are letters from the hopeful adoptive parent(s) to you, the expectant parent. You’ll find videos, slide shows, and more when you click on each profile and view some of the most excited, hopeful people you can think of as they try to convince you they would be the best possible parent for your child. Maybe one of them is. Without further adieu, ten families looking to adopt, and a little bit about them. 

Breanna and Jim 

Breanna is a physician, and Jim is an attorney. They have three biological children, two girls and a boy. They live in Texas. They cannot have any more biological children but are hoping to adopt and expand their family. They are an active family that loves to ski. To see pictures, and find out more visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/BreannaJim

Pria and Parthi

Pria is a stay-at-home mom with their child. Parthi is an engineer. They live in Texas.

“We were both born and raised in Malaysia. Malaysia is a small, multi-racial, multicultural country in Southeast Asia. What we love the most about the country of our birth is its diversity. Thanks to our background, we have a unique perspective to offer a future child. Both of us are deeply aware that we are who we are because of those who have loved us.”

To see more visit https://adoption.com/profiles/PriaParthi1584470298

Carson and Kelsey

Carson and Kelsey are from Idaho and have one adopted son. They celebrated his adoption day with snowmobile races. It sounds like they know how to have a good time. Carson is a chemical engineering research assistant, and Kelsey is in real estate. From their letter: “We can’t wait to get to know you and to travel the road of adoption with you. We hope that we can all share our dreams, our hopes, our fears, and our desires for the child we “will” all love. We say “will” love because we know you already love your child, that is why you’ve chosen open adoption. We are excited to meet you and to have that instant love for your child and you. It’s through you that we can have a family…Carson works at a National Laboratory as a Chemical Research Scientist. His job has great benefits that will help our growing family.” 

To see more go to: https://adoption.com/profiles/McNairFamily/letter

Jamie and Jimmy

Jamie and Jimmy live in Pennsylvania with their one son. Jamie and Jimmy are both personal trainers with active healthy lifestyles. They have close family and friends with whom they do active things like zip-lining and mountain biking. They would love to add a child to their family to join in the fun. Personal trainers would certainly be able to keep up with an active toddler. That is something I was lacking that I wish I had while I was raising my (then) toddler. The ability to keep up would be a check in the “yes” column on my list. 

To learn more about them visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/JaimeJimmy1580917481/about

Beth and Andy

Beth and Andy are from Minnesota and have one daughter. Beth is an adjunct professor of biology, and Andy is a truck driver. From their letter: “The process of adoption starts with giving you, the birth parents, the space to make the right choice for you. To provide you with transparency about who we are and what we value so that you can have comfort and confidence in your decision.  The adoption process means that a child placed in our home would know and believe, without a doubt, that the beginning of their life’s journey began with a birth parent’s love for their child.  Adoption is building a family that is centered around the child you are bringing into this world. You, the birth parents, will always be linked to your child and we plan to make sure a child placed with us feels this connection in the best way possible.  Adoption means providing the unwavering love and support for a child so that they can become anything they want and instilling a sense of empathy and openness in the way they approach the people and the world around them.”

To see more about this family visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/BethPettitt1574889809/about

Helen and Chris

Helen and Chris live in New Mexico. Helen is a realtor, and Chris is a project manager. They met as managers at Target and fell in love over the course of a few years. They have a dog but no children (yet).  

In their words: “Why Adoption? Our journey toward building our family has not been what we expected, but we know in our hearts that God has put us exactly where we are meant to be. It has not been an easy journey, but the more we’ve learned about adoption, the more excited and blessed we feel to grow our family in this way. The deep respect, love, and honor that comes with raising a child is one we feel blessed to encounter. We’ve both always dreamed of being parents and raising a child together. Our hope is to not only raise a wonderful and loving child, but to build a relationship with a new family. One that we never would’ve had the opportunity to know if God hadn’t set us on this path.”

To find out more about this couple visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/HelenChris1584377742/about

Andrea and Johnson

Andrea and Johnson are from Texas. Andrea works in non-profit, and Johnson is a caregiver. The first thing that struck me about this profile was Andrea’s infectious smile. I found myself smiling back at her through the computer screen. They look like a loving couple.  From their letter: “…we are excited about and committed to providing a child with love, a peaceful home, structure and stability, understanding, hope for a great future, a broad worldview, a foundation in faith, a few adventures here and there, and a lot of laughter.”  I would like to know this couple in person. They seem, from their pictures, to be very fond of one another and like they would make a great mom and dad. 

To see this couple’s profile visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/AndreaJohnson/about

Lisa and Michael

Lisa and Michael live in Texas. Lisa is a teacher, and Michael is an engineer. They have a dog. “We are a very active family and have an active extended family. We walk, run, and hike on trails. We just got a ping pong table and are having daily tournaments as we try to best each other.”  How fun!  Daily ping pong tournaments sound like a great way to spend the day. 

To learn more about Lisa and Michael visit: https://adoption.com/sso/profiles/LisaMichael/letter


Hailey is from New Jersey and is prepared to be a single mom. She is a college vice president. From her letter: “From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of adopting a child. My mom tells me stories about how, when I would “play house” with my friends, I always imagined and dreamed of being a mom and adopting children.”  Hailey is a musician and hopes to share her love of music with her future adopted child. To learn more about Hailey visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/HaileyHopes/about

Gabrielle and Clint

Gabrielle and Clint are in Tennessee. Gabrielle is a nurse practitioner, and Clint is a business owner. They have a dog. From their letter: “If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, our promise is to love your child unconditionally. We promise to make sure they know how much they are loved by both you and us. We promise to provide a safe and encouraging home for your child.”

To learn more about Gabrielle and Clint visit: https://adoption.com/profiles/GabrielleClint

So there are ten families who are eager and ready to adopt. They live in different places (though it does seem like a lot of them live in Texas–I promise that wasn’t intentional. Texas is a big state), they come from different walks of life, have vastly different jobs, faiths, homes, pets, and lifestyles. Some live in the city, some live in the country, and some are happily ensconced in the suburbs.  There are a plethora of families to choose from. As you walk the road of trying to find an adoptive family for your child I hope you can find the right combination that makes your heart sing. Though it is a difficult decision, know that there are hundreds of people reaching out with open arms to help you and your baby. You aren’t alone, though it may feel that way at the moment. If you feel overwhelmed, contact a counselor at adoption.com to help walk you through the process of adoption and selecting a family to adopt. Sometimes you need to meet the people first before their personality shines through, so don’t write off a couple whose profile seems bland but your heart is edging towards anyway. They may surprise you. Best of luck and prayers for the journey of finding families looking to adopt.

Are you considering adoption and want to give your child the best life possible? Let us help you find an adoptive family that you love. Visit Adoption.org or call 1-800-ADOPT-98.