Hi, my name is Cheryl. I visited Adoption.com and many other adoption sites a couple of years ago in search of my birth mother. I had had a happy childhood with my adoptive family but just had the yearning to know my biological mother. I searched for approximately 17 years on and off. As fate would have it, a cousin found a letter I had posted on a site. She put two and two together and realized that I was her uncle’s daughter.

To make a long story short, I had a wonderful reunion with both sides of the family, which is an adoptee’s dream. Although both birth parents had their own families, they both longed to know where I was.

My adoptive family was very happy for me. Shortly after, I lost my adoptive mother, which was very traumatic for me. Now as fate would have it, I may lose my biological mother who’s cancer has returned for the fourth time.

What is so ironic to me is that during the last year of my search, I was constantly searching on the computer, afraid that once I found my biological mother, she would no longer be alive. I now know my biological mother who is such a beautiful person, and I know most things adoptees wonder about.

In addition, I know to remain very vigilant in my health care screenings. I now know that instead of having a clear medical history, like I was told by the adoption agency with the non-identifying information I was given, there is colon cancer, diabetes, breast cancer, and hypertension on both sides of my biological family. This is why I am an advocate for adoptees’ records being completely opened when they are 21. This way, valuable information like this is passed along.

I spent a lot of money doing my search, and the site that actually assisted me was free. For those adoptees still searching, keep searching and utilize the vast free resources available to assist you.