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International adoptions have declined by 81%, plummetting from 22,989 adoptions in 2004 to 4,714 in 2017. The numbers are continuing to steadily decline and are projected to drop to 4,200 in 2018 by the IAAME accrediting entity.  If this trend line continues international adoption in America may end by 2022.

We believe passionately that every child needs a loving, permanent family, whether that child is in a foster home in the U.S. or an orphanage in another country.

Adoption prevents child trafficking, and a permanent family is the best safeguard. One Russian study of 15,000 children who had aged out of orphanages showed that within 2 years, about 50% of the girls had been forced into prostitution. If we want to prevent child trafficking we need to help more orphans get adopted.

Adoption should have fewer barriers and be less complex and less expensive. A Dave Thomas Foundation survey showed that 85 million Americans have considered adoption. Two of the biggest reasons why people don’t complete an adoption are the cost and the complexity.

The following is an amazing quote from former Senator Landreieu who was the Co-Chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and helped take the lead in getting the Hague Convention passed.

How You Can Help Save Adoptions

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Additional Information Regarding the International Adoption Crisis 

1. Learn more about the international adoption crisis and how you can support it. For more additional resources, visit Jayme Metzgar’s article on the international adoption crisis published on The Federalist, titled “Bucking Trump Deregulation Agenda, State Department Chokes International Adoption.”

2. Read the How to Solve the U.S. International Adoption Crisis article to learn more about the international adoption crisis and the 15 solutions.

3. For media inquiries, please contact at (208) 278-8553 or email at, or you may contact Save Adoptions at

4. Read an article posted by TheBlaze titled, Adoption advocates, ask Trump to intervene in ‘adoption crisis’ that started under Obama.

Sign the White House Petition: Click Here.

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