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19 Stories of Search and Reunion

Nineteen remarkable people share their own experiences of search and reunion, explaining the process and experience of finding birth family members after years--often decades--of separation.

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"You mustn't search in hopes to find yourself but in hopes to find who the other person is."

// Ariel Faber

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We have a national network of professional investigators and researchers who specialize in finding birth family members. When you download this ebook we will help you get in touch with each of these professionals.

Tamra Dawn Hyde

Tamra Hyde placed her baby boy for adoption in Georgia in May of 1996 at the age of 18. It was a closed adoption until 2013 when her determination and compassion led to her reunion with her now teenage baby. Tamra is an outspoken adoption advocate who is active in the adoption community and a champion of birth parent rights. She loves primitive, survival and wilderness skills--anything to do with nature and the outdoors. Tamra currently resides in Idaho.

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