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That's the day I was born in las cruces ,NM. I was adopted the next day and brought to Albuquerque, where I had the most loving family I could've ever asked for waiting to give me the most amazing childhood, and made me the woman I am today, but the empty space in my heart needs to be filled. I need to know my birth mother, and my birth family . I know she had what would've been my brother as well, and she was taking care of my mentally disabled aunt, due to whooping cough as a child. If this sounds familiar to you or close to someone you know please , please lmk . My name is Andrea I'm 37 and was born at the memorial hospital in las cruces nm . And my parents went through chapparral agency.

January 16, 2019
Dear All, Sorry to say that my parents are dead. But I feel I need them.I am 34 years old from Bangladesh. I have post graduated from English Literature. Could any loving parents for me? I will be waiting for you. Kind regards, Misba

Michelle MadridBranch
January 4, 2019
I spoke at a conference in San Diego this past weekend. The event— Embrace Who You Are—was organized by Oleg Lougheed and his non-profit group, Overcoming Odds. Oleg has a vision to create space for adoptees to share their experiences and overcome their challenges. He believes, like I do, in the power of story. Yours, mine, and his. The day was transformative! It further strengthened my long-standing opinion that adoptees have a universe of wisdom to share with the world. All we have to do is assure them that it’s safe to open up and let that wisdom flow. Have you ever thought about your story as your superpower? Or, even your swagger? I understand if your answer is no. So very often, the broken parts of our stories leave us feeling weak and inferior. We don’t see ourselves as superheroes. We lose our strut. We don’t remember how to rise. Confidence becomes a stranger. Embracing our flaws seems impossible. Yet, on Saturday, as I listened to stories of adults who have walked the journey of foster care and adoption, I saw—right in front of me—individuals committed to unstoppable growth. Determined to move through the struggle of their lives and on to success in all areas of living. Each possessed a psychology of strength, forgiveness, gratitude, and an over-arching ability to love unconditionally. Read full blogpost: [img][/img]

Michelle MadridBranch
January 4, 2019
Have you been thinking about adopting a child? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be a parent-by-adoption? The decision to adopt should come with a healthy dose of contemplation. A child’s life depends on a parent’s complete and total dedication. Today, too many kids in America are languishing in the foster system. In total, there are some 400,000 children in U.S. foster care right now. Around 100,000 of them are eligible and waiting to be adopted. These are kids who won’t be with their forever families this Thanksgiving. It’s hard to think of what might be going through their innocent minds. How they may wonder if a family will ever arrive. They may question if they’re even worthy of a family. It’s devastating to think about how heavy this weight must be on their young shoulders. As I prepare to gather around a Thanksgiving table with my family, I’m holding every foster child in my thoughts and in my prayers. It’s so important that we do. We can’t stop! They need us. They need us to recognize their needs. The need for love, for connection, for a warm place to call home. I know it can be scary to consider adopting. We want certainty in this life and adopting—like most things—comes with a ton of uncertainty. However, it is often when we step outside of uncertainty and take a leap into the unknown that we grow and find a fuller meaning in life, and develop a greater ability to love others. As children in U.S. foster care wait on their forever wishes to come true, here are 5 reasons why I know becoming a parent-by-adoption is 100% worthwhile: 1.) There is transformational power found in family. Family is the basic unit of society and when families thrive, our communities and our world thrives! Read full blogpost here: [img][/img]

December 22, 2018
My name’s Lexi I’m 17 years old and I’m from the Philippines. I’m looking for someone to adopt me as my parents are separated; my dad abandoned me and my mom when I was little. My mom has a fiancé but I dont like him. He is verbally abusive. He also battered my mom in front of me and my half brother when we were little and he hurt me physically when I was in 7th grade that I had to go back to my grandmother. My grandmother can no longer provide for me and once wanted me out of her house. Financial support isnt the reason why I’m here. I’m here because ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to move out of my country. I can’t be myself here. I was diagnosed with clinical depression 2 years ago and committed suicide couple times. I don’t feel loved and my relatives are jealous of me. I don’t know where to go and what to do anymore. I took a gap year from school to focus on recovering since I have depression. I don’t feel like I belong here. I am cheerful, passionate, loving, caring, spontaneous, adventurous. I like to sing, draw and play the guitar. I only kept it short and simple. If you want to get to know me or know more about me, kindly send me an e-mail

December 16, 2018
Hello, My name is Carley Mayanja, am 17 years and am looking for any one to adopt me. I am friendly, I have been living with my aunt,I lost my mother when I was half a year and I lost my dad in 2010. Please if you wanna offer an adoption or a word contact me personally Email: Tel:256703123689

December 10, 2018 Thank you wonderful loving adoptive parents and potential adoptive parents for caring about us. For caring how we feel, validating us on this journey, and being willing to love us through it all. Dear Potential Adoptive Parents I am an adult adoptee. Thank you for being willing to open your home and your heart. I have to tell you something. Something very important that I need you to understand. There is only one creature on the planet that imprints. Only one creature on the planet that believes that the first thing they see is it's mom. That creature is a bird. Humans come with cords attached, a history, their own ancestry, and existence 9 months inside another person. That person is that child's first emotional attachment. If you choose to adopt please respect these facts. You may need to mourn your inability to have that utero connection with someone. You will have to assist your child in dealing with how he or she feels about the connection they shared with another person before you. It's complicated. It's messy. But it's worth it. If the joy of holding that baby doesn't outweigh having to share the title of parents then don't adopt. I love my parents both sets. Asking me not to love a single one of them is asking me to deny my own identity. Let me end the nature versus nurture debate: it's both. If you're willing to admit this and have complete transparency about everything from the start you're ready to adopt. Having multiple people surround a child with love isn't confusing. Kids understand that better than adults. Secrets, lies, and statements like “we left you forever because we love you” are very confusing not only for kids but for adults as well. If you are open, if you don't add shame or guilt to this … then whatever issue your child has he or she can work through it without worrying about how it affects you. And the likelihood that he or she will have issues regarding trauma is high. It is also possible that he or she will believe that telling you about their pain would hurt you. Your happy kid may really be happy. They may also be putting on a mask to prevent rejection. You don't adopt a person the way you do a bird. As long as you acknowledge this you will be fine.

December 7, 2018
You was born in Evansville Indiana September 30 1977 I was at the Vanderburg Christian Home in Evansville Indiana but the actual adoption was in Vincennes Indiana at the juvenile division of the superior courts Knox county. Time of birth was 12:11pm weighed 8lb 2oz was filed at health office Oct 5 1977. Your adoptive parents where Indiana.

November 25, 2018
Hello. I am a 30 years old Saudi girl an orphan since birth I escaped Saudi Arabia few years ago I got an asylum approved and currently living in USA. I am so thankful to be here I am so thankful for all the amazing people who I met here who treated me kindly and loved me. Before I never experienced love in my life I was abused as child and as a woman I always felt ashamed of myself but not anymore I was gifted by life by god whatever you believe in. with people who helped me through the way with love and strength. As you some of you may know in Saudi adoption isn’t allowed under the Islamic law. But I am here now I am free I am free I am free. I am married too but I always dreamed of having a family a mom or A dad a brother or sister to have in this life. I am a kind loving person but with difficult past but the new me is happy is hopeful is open to life I just have a void inside of me for not having a family that’s gonna heal my soul I need you mom I need you dad I need to love you and be loved by you

November 24, 2018
Hi, I am a 14 years old boy living in Vietnam. My parent, although they treat me physically well but my mom constantly abuse me mentally. I love my mom and all but she is just this type of person that have to much hope in me, the goals that i may not achieve and when i failed her she abuse , insult me in every way. She has this thing about people are gonna judge her when I do something that she doesn't want like when I dont want to go to my friends birthday party she would force me to go because if I dont then the birthday kid's parent would judge her. At the moment, while this blog is written, she's insulting me in every way because I forgot to take my pills after breakfast. Sometimes I feel like she is just raising me up because if she abandon me people are gonna judge her, I feel like the second she could dump me off without anyone judging she would. She constantly complain about how I am and if i don't die then she will because of me. I may play a bit of games but i still make sure that I still finish my school work on time and put in effort. My mom is the type of person that works hard in everything and expect me to do the same but sometimes I can't meet the demand of her goals. I am living through every day with a fear of being abuse or insult and it's giving me anxierty and depression. So if you are reading this and you could then please , I beg you, please adopt me. My email is and my contact number is 0901401669.