April 30, 2024
My name is Curt. I was born in Cudahay Wisconsin on October 16, 1969 and given up for adoption on October 18, 1969. I am interested in finding out any information about my birth parents.

February 20, 2024
My name is Jeremiah. I was adopted when i was 4 from a abusive home of neglect and child endangerment. I have 4 other siblings. growing up hasn't been easy I was inn foster care off and on for about a year as 2 year old i don't remember much of my bio parent some times when i sleep i get these images of past events that where very traumatizing. I grew up with my adoptive parents life was great until the baby was born then they started to treat me different and the baby's name is Cayden and when he growing up they would spend less time with me and him more stuff and then one day me and Cayden where sledding and he slipped and then he was crying and then all he had was a scrape then i got him a band aid and then my adoptive dad came blamed me for him getting hurt and accused me intentional harm and i told him he slipped and i helped him up and then my adoptive dad spanked me i was 6 at the time and when i told my adoptive mom it was like i was the bad guy but accidents happens but ever since that day they treated me like dirt and him like royalty.there was this thing at my school and some was adoptive kids cant do any thing and we are the worthless and i told him that he didn't know what he was taking about then he punched me at the time this was in 6th grade and what i did is and i get really offended when some discriminated people like me so i punched him but violence is never the answer when my parent got the call that i got in a fight they where angry at me and punished and my adopter dad smacked my face so hard that he left a mark for days and it hurt so bad but when told them why i punched that kid they apologized but u can never take a hit back what I'm trying to say is never do what my adoptive dad its wrong favoritism is wrong love each kid equally

January 24, 2024
Last year, at this time, i took the 23andme test. I was adopted as an infant and knew nothing of my story, medical history, heritage or anything else! I was adopted by wonderful parents and i am now in my late 40’s and needed to do this for myself! I needed it to fill a whole in my heart! Not because i had a bad life, but because it was something i needed at this point in my life! I had no idea of all the emotions, feelings or personal hurdles that i would face when i started my journey! Upon receiving my 23andme test results i was nervous but also excited! The heritage and medical information didn’t really make much sense stating you might have this much percentage for this or that. Then i looked at my 23andme family tree connections. I found a list of my 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins. I wrote to my two 1st cousins that had the most dna to me. Stating i was adopted as an infant, i am searching for answers and i see that we are 1st cousins - can you please help me understand how we are related. One of my 1st cousins wrote me back within a day and said absolutely i will help you! All of a sudden this became really real! I was scared! I was excited! I was unsure if this could be real! Things i had wondered about my whole life could be answered! Did i want those answers… yes, no, unsure… too late now… here we go! Within 2 days my 1st cousin had the answers i had wondered about since i was probably 13 years old! It was a lot of information all at once! It was scary and overwhelming to say the least! I felt alone all of a sudden. Like I’m going to get all the answers I’ve wondered about my entire life but no one really understands how i am feeling about all of this! My 1st cousin, could this really be my true biological 1st cousin! And just like that she was my cousin and all of a sudden my cousin knew who i was before i knew who i was! My cousin knew more about me than i knew about me my entire life! Now i feel vulnerable! My cousin’s mom is my Aunt on my birth-dad’s side! Oh my God! My birth-dad’s family is very big! My birth-dad has five other brothers and two sisters. My birth-dad was very young when he got the girl, my birth-mom, pregnant. My birth-mom was very young! My Aunt also kept in touch with my birth-mom’s sister for all these years just in-case i ever came back looking for them! My birth-mom’s family lived across the street from my birth-dad’s family! My birth-mom has five sisters. Holy moly! Talk about real! A flood of emotions! So many emotions it’s hard to put it all into words! Now part of me is also feeling guilty, thinking that i am betraying my parents. My parents that I’ve known my whole life, my family that has been my rock, my everything! I also feel scared wondering are these good people, can i trust them, what am i about to get myself into, i am also revealing myself… my adoption that I’ve kept a secret my whole life! A secret because i didn’t want to feel different from my friends. A secret that I’ve kept because i didn’t want people to think that i don’t love my parents and family like they love theirs! My secret because i didn’t want to feel vulnerable and share how i feel! How i feel about myself! A secret that i am now revealing to the world! WOW, this is a lot! More of my journey to come in future posts! I am writing this so if anyone else is going through this… they don’t feel as alone as i have felt through this whole journey! So they know that these emotions and feelings are okay to have and that they are not alone! So they know that they are worthy, that they are worth it and that they have the ability to get through this journey!

January 11, 2024
At this time, last year, I took a leap of faith and started on a journey to find out about me. I was adopted as an infant. My adoption was a closed adoption meaning my file was sealed. I always knew that I was adopted, my parents told me at a young age. It’s not something that I remember being told, I just always knew… but that’s all I knew! We never really talked about it and I never really felt the need to ask. Being adopted was always something I kept private. I just didn’t want anyone to think that I didn’t love my parents like they love their parents. I didn’t want to be different! However; growing up knowing that I was adopted I did feel different, I also felt ashamed and alone. I don’t really know why I felt this way. Maybe because my story was different from my friends. Maybe because I always felt the need to keep my adoption a secret or private. My parents and my brother loved me beyond measure and I grew up in a loving home, that was never the issue! Being adopted was just always something I wondered about and it would come up in certain times in my life. It would come up in school when I had to do projects on my heritage or family traits. It would come up when people would ask me questions like why are you so short or why do you have olive skin. I would just make a joke and say, I got the brains and my brother got the height. Really it would make me feel bad about myself because I really didn’t know. It would come up when I would go to the doctor and I didn’t know the answers to the questions. I also never asked my parents about my adoption because I didn’t want them to think that I didn’t love them or that we were different. I always tried to make my parents proud of me! I was a good kid, I played sports, I was good in school, I graduated from high school and college, I became successful, I got married and I started a family. Growing up my family had problems just as any other family would have but that wasn’t the reason that I needed to go on this journey. My marriage has hit some challenges along the way but that wasn’t the reason that I needed to go on this journey either. Going on this journey had nothing to do with how much I loved my parents or my family, that love will never change! Now, in my late 40’s, I needed to find out the questions that I wondered about throughout my life. I needed it for myself! I needed to find out my heritage, my medical history, who I resembled, why I was so short, why I had olive skin, why I was a good athlete and many other questions, such as… my story of why I was given up for adoption. I needed to find my birth-family and if they were okay or if they ever thought about me! I wondered if we had ever crossed paths. I wondered about my birth-mom and I had many questions for her! I wondered if my birth-mom survived giving me up! I wondered if she gave me up because it was best for me, if it was out of love or why. I wondered what her story was, what our story was and if she loved me! I wondered if the stories that I made up in my head were true. I had so many questions that I can’t even write them all down! So I took a leap of faith and started on my adoption journey. On this journey, there has been many emotions that I was in no way prepared for and that I did not know I would have to face! If you want to hear more of my story… I will share in future posts.

November 28, 2023
Hi, my name is Joseph Welbourne. I am 21. I am 270 pounds. I am partially blind. I have really bad confidence when it comes to most things. I am also pessimistic. The reason why I am looking for a mother figure is because my mother neglected me and one night when I was 13. My mom came into my room, she beat me over and over and over. I am still struggling with that trauma. I dont have my license so i am not able to get out of my mom's trailer home. I am currently shaking. I want to know what it is like to feel loved by someone who actaully loved me and cares. I am scared of my biological mother. Please help me.

October 27, 2023
Hello I'm a bio mom and I'm trying to look for some answers without any judgement please and thank you. I've been going forward with a dcf case or third party (casemanagement) for 3 years now I have 2 boys in custody 4 and 2 but at the time of placement my oldest was 2 and my youngest was a few months old. I had gotten kicked out of my parents home because they did not like the fact of my relationship with my boyfriend who was trying to step up and be the father to my children. I grew up in a dysfunctional household so there were never any set rules. When I had given birth to my oldest son I went through bad ppd and I had my mom help me out more than I should have allowed her to and I believe she had became too assessive with being his actual parent that she would dismiss a lot of my say in things regarding my children so when my current boyfriend (who I'm now carrying his child) had stepped into the picture (bio dad was rarely in picture) and we tried to raise the kids in our own way my parents weren't liking of that and we had gotten into a huge argument which resulted in both of us being kicked out but my kids. Hopeless we had nowhere else to go and so I left my children there and we decided that we had to get into our own place but anytime I would come visit my kids or take them anywhere it would be a blowout fight with my mother that resulted her assaulting me with my oldest in my hands to which he fell to the floor and ran I managed to get my youngest out of the house but before I could retrieve my oldest my mom had locked the door and we had to call the police to get him out. The only option we thought would have been the best one was dcf because we had nobody else to take us or the kids in. We called a dcf worker who came out and we explained the situation to her which she in turn asked us if this was something that we really wanted to do because she would have to write up a report that would make it garuantee that they would be placed in foster care. After she made this report up we went to our first court hearing and we signed a caseplan. My caseplan consisted of 5 things- 1. Housing 2. Employment 3. Therapy 4. Parenting classes 5. Medication management Me and my boyfriend were homeless for 2 out of 3 years at 2 years is when the goal changed from reunification/concurrent adoption to sole goal of adoption with the judge telling me to continue to work on my caseplan also with this whole case they have not tried to work with my boyfriend who offered to do services to improve our home and make it better and instead had to pay out of pocket when the judge ordered the state to give him services. Fast forward to last year we were still living in our vehicle at the time and we had gotten into a bad argument which resulted a bystander to call the police who came and arrested my boyfriend who was in the heat of the moment and charged him with DV. After the state dropped the charges due to not enough evidence dcf used it against us and is now claiming domestic volience in the home despite it being over a year ago and and the fact I had to stop taking my medication due to my pregnancy they refused to do a homestudy until "behavioral change" was proven my attorney put In a motion for a court date about reunification 3 months before trial is set. My trial date is this Tuesday coming up and I'm debating if I should fight it or surrender. This is my first ever case and I was niave putting my children in the system but believed it was the best option at the time going through it blindly but seeing it only strained my life and my relationship and especially my children's lives whom my oldest son always ask about coming to my house. I'm scared I have never been in this situation and I just want my kids back but I'm terrified if I go through this court date that I'll lose my two and put my 3rd one on the line. My boyfriend says to sign all my rights over to him and it would be a done deal but I'm not sure if that is going to work. Please help me if anyone can give me the best advice it'll be greatly appreciated.

September 20, 2023
Am Cynthia 24 of Age willingly to be adopted by Family outside Nigeria here's my email address : Please 🙏

August 20, 2023
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August 8, 2023
Hello, My name is Shelly. I have obtained my mom's military records. I am searching for a child she gave birth to in 1964 ( between Jan- Feb) Not sure how I go about this, My mom passed in 2018.

July 24, 2023
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