May 10, 2022
Hi, I’m Priya.I’m a 13 year old.My parents get often physical with me.they’re very abusive.they admitted to not liking me. I just want to end all of this.I’m mentally so done.i want to get adopted and start a new life.i don’t know how it’s done.

January 26, 2022
I have 3 girl Fc. 10 yr. Old, 12 yr. Old and a 6yr old. The six-year-old is is my Bio Grand FC. The 10-year-old goes on visits Every weekend , the 6 year old also has visits and the 12 year old does not Have a visit and rarely has contact with her mom. The 12-year-old shares a room with my six-year-old bio grandchild. My grandchild recently caught the 12-year-old putting urine in her doll house tub. When I questioned the 12-year-old about the urine she put in my six year old grandchild’s dollhouse she had no answer. The 12 year old lies when confronted. The 12-year-old has made mean remarks about my six-year-old grandchild and seems irritated with the 6 year old. The 10 year old seems jealous of my grandchild and has choked my grandchild in the past and purposely smashed her finger. I had a talk with the 10 year old. The 12 year-old is reclusive , wets the bed and stays in the room with the door shut all the day. I just moved the 12-year-old and a 10-year-old to the same room. I saw a lot of sharp objects and lighters in the 12 year old room during the move. When the 12 year old return from school I asked to see her wrist. They were cut up not deep but cut up. I had no idea. We do not have a relationship And she does not talk to me at all. My butcher knife went missing and mysteriously reappeared. The 12-year-old wonders the house at 2/3am in the morning. I sleep hard so I don’t hear her but others do. The 12 year old is reclusive doesn’t say much but I’ve Found letters That she wrote seeming very angry at her mother. My bio daughter does not trust the 12 year old or 10 yo In the house or around her 6 year old child. Am I putting others at danger with these foster children 12 yo in my house? Is this 10 year old a bad fit? Are all these children Ill? I contacted the social worker and she did not answer I have a feeling she knew about this and did not disclose this. The 10 year old is going home soon. I really want to help the 12-year-old but I don’t know if this is the place for her. I’m starting to reconsider this whole foster thing. What should I do? P.S This is only my fifth foster child.

January 17, 2022
Im searching for my birth brother born October 20, 1953 Denver, Colorado at the Mary Donaldson Hospital. Our Birth mother named him David Allen Bell, she resided at the Florence Crittenton Home. I was born in Phoenix, AZ 11/21/1955 at St. Joseph's Hospital. I was named Cheryl Ann Clay (she used my birth father's name) I know of him from my non-ID and confirmed by our birth mother, Dorothea Mae Best - he has no way of knowing about me since I'm 2 years younger PLEASE, help me if you can - I've been searching ever since I found out that I have a sibling!

November 24, 2021
Hi there I was finally contacted back by my state by a worker the worker that is going to do the home study she called me yesterday and told me that she was sending out a big packet of paperwork but not to get too overwhelmed and try to work through it as fast as I can and get it back to her cuz somebody please enlighten me and tell me what will be in this paperwork I'm sure it will be it a lot of different questions what I am wondering about is a financial part mainly do they run a credit check? Also wondering what I will have to prove as far as my financial to them? I make enough money to be able to survive myself just fine none of my utilities or anything has ever been turned off. I lived in my address for seven years I'm wondering how much extra money I will have to be able to have those to be able to adopt a child the child that I am adopting gets other assistance as well from the government SS??? Oh and I guess one more thing how much documentation will I have to give them as far as my medical history do I have to go back tell when I was a child? Also I am wondering are they going to want me to give them an accurate record of my whole life as far as where I lived and how long I live there and what not I am new to all this sorry I have so many questions???

November 22, 2021
Hey there I'm not sure who we need to reach out to but I would hope that I get other people on this bandwagon as far as a way to appeal a decision with ICPC if they deny you I don't think that it is very right that one State could totally approve you you have five people on your side in that state then once it goes to the sending State your state they say no that is a bunch of not good everything in life should have a appeal process why does this not? So here is my other question if we are not allowed to a Appeal a denial decision are we allowed to sue i c p c? I don't know but it just seems to me like their system is really unfair I know for one my state this evidently does not want you to reach out to them about where the process is that and I understand somewhat but you would think that they could put a postcard in the mail or something and say we're at this step? Just saying.......

September 22, 2021
If my niece was removed from her mother home and the parent rights are terminated along with the father and the child is placed in foster care can I as the auntie get custody. I was sent out a notice only when she was removed from the home as close contact but nothing sense. The foster parent she is placed with is also the child’s god mother she has been around the mother since the child was born, however they live in Indiana and I’m in michingan they are about 1hr 20 min drive not far at all. The Protective service agents told me if the child is up for adoption at any point or have exhausted foster care time then I can then request the child be place with me as the auntie. However it has been about two years now the parent rights got terminated and the father as they did not show up for the court dates and the mother did not follow thru with rehab counseling etc. The child was taken along with her baby brother who was a new born at the time because drugs was found in the baby system so both kids were taken. The baby brother father parents has custody of him and was placed with them immediately because the daddy was a drug addict as well the daughter is not his child and her dad was never in her life so she ended with her god mother which happens to be a licensed foster care parent. The rights of the parents were terminated about 6 mths ago and I never got any other notifications in the mail for court dates hearings or anything and the CPS made it seem like a long process with me being in another state and too much paper work etc is the reason why they let the child go with the only closest relative which is not blood just a god mother and foster care parent. So I believe she schooled the mother on what to do and talked her into signing custody over to her so that way when time come for notifying family first etc they won’t have to since she gave her custody and I’m sure that’s why I have not been contacted. Long story short the mother ans foster parent ( child’s god mother ) has a history together and she does illegal things to allow my sister to see her daughter when she want and take her with her sometimes and school the child on lying and not telling the CpS workers when they follow up. If the mother so happened did this gave her custody of some sort where so I stand as the blood relative auntie with getting my niece ? I have been in her life since birth as well and still go visit her out of town at the foster lady home and my niece is only 6 yrs old and she wants to be with her auntie. There is a lot of illegal things going on there and I know this because my sister has told me when she mad at the lady who happens to sell drugs to on them low which I believe that’s how my sister got on drugs . What do I do. Will cps still give blood relatives options to get this child so she is with real family and auntie that she loves and feel safe with or not if the mother hurried up and signed custody to the lady. I want to be able to get my niece without exposing all the illegal things that go on in her home and the family members her grand kids that come over there fighting drinking alcohol and doing drugs but If I have to I will but I’m afraid they may place my niece somewhere else instead of letting her come to michingan because they don’t wanna go theu the paper work with cps in another state My niece is very sad everytime I see her. She is being exposed to to much at her age and the foster lady is older with health issues but money hungry and my niece is the oldest child there and she runs her back ans forth helping her take care different toddlers that get placed in the home here and there. I’m very sad and Inknow I can escalate this and go to courts etc and fight it but I don’t understand why I was not contacted back as promised by the workers when they said if the parents rights are terminated we will come to close family first and yet they have not !!

August 15, 2021 states that in 2019, more than 672,000 US children were in foster care. Numerous amounts of research states that Foster care children are at risk for many things; increased criminal activity, debilitated mental health and poverty. More specifically, "Over one-fourth have spent at least one night in jail...over 15 percent had been convicted of a crime. This compares with only 3.2 percent of the general population who were on probation, in jail, or on parole in 2005. (Barth, 1990) (Alexander & Huberty, 1993) (Courtney et al, 2001) (U.S. Department of Justice, 2005)."' As of 2019, 80% of foster care kids have mental health issues which is a whopping number compared to the 18-22% of the general population that have mental health issues. Additionally, 50% of children aging out of the foster care system become homeless within 6 months. What does this mean? This means we must have some kind of action. Techie Youth seeks to rectify this situation by teaching at risk youth how to assimilate into capitalist working culture via technology, a sector that is expected to reach 5 trillion dollars by December, 2021. The technology industry is a lucrative one, and so by teaching children how to take advantage of this, programs like Techie Youth seek to help them. While I agree that technology training is important, it does not do enough to satisfy all the three areas of weakness that Foster care youth are struggling with; It creates opportunity for these youth to get jobs, eliminating the need for committing crime ( numerous statistics reports, like the 2016 FBI crime rates, indicate that lack of income is the culprit behind petty crimes) and it also helps against poverty. However, what about mental health? I propose that these programs include a mental health initiative-- there are so many ways you can show someone how to work a computer or follow the stock market, however if they are suffering from depression then they may struggle to stay motivated in learning these tips. According to, the average therapist in New York City, for reference, is paid about $70,000 a year. We need funding for these programs to be able to afford therapists-- a ratio of 1:14 for therapists to youth should be applied, as 74% of therapists from around the US have said this is an ideal amount of clients to meet with on a weekly basis. If the program is teaching 200 students, there should be a budget for 14 therapists to work with these students. Mental health is a huge issue that can be the reason behind a lack of motivation. If there is a lack of motivation, a lack for a thirst for life, there is no amount of technology programs that you can enroll a student in that will make a difference on them. I am open to critique and questions, etc. What do you think of my proposition?

July 12, 2021
Hi Everyone, I am new to this. My brother and I both were adopted separately by the same wonderful parents. I found my biological parents when I was younger shortly after I turned 19 years old. However my brother who is older than me, just recently decided to find his biological parents. My brother was born in Stockton California in San Joaquin County. His birthday is December 21, 1970. All we know is that his biological mother and father were married at the time and kept him for a short time, then they decided to give him up for adoption. My brother and I do know that they were over 21 years of age when they gave him up for adoption. Of course, my brother’s adoption was a closed adoption, as it was in 1970. The San Joaquin Department of Public Assistance in San Joaquin partook in the adoption through the San Joaquin Superior Court, through Judge John B. Cechini. My brother is nervous about taking a DNA test. I do realize that taking a DNA test may be his only option towards finding his biological parents. If anyone knows any information in regards to what else I can do to find his biological parents, please feel free to let me know. Thank you so much. My email is

June 22, 2021
Hello, Does anyone have experience being granted kinship placement despite being listed on the child abuse and neglect registry? I am currently in the beginning stages of the ICPC process in utah. I may be on the registry from 10 years ago (long story but definitely false accusations.) I was never charged with neglect either. I was upfront with the ICPC worker about this and told her I didnt want to go through with the homestudy if this was a deal breaker, however, she assured me that if i did come back as a match on the registry (in CA) then I would simply write a letter to the office of licensing and they would either approve or deny. She told me that it is still possible to be approved. My livescan came back already and its completely clear, not even a ticket on there, Im also a registered nurse and it never came up on my livescan with the board but im not entirely sure if they run the same checks as DCFS. Im still waiting for my out of state adam walsh check to come back. Please let me know if anyone has been approved for placement despite being on the CACI. Thanks!