How To Adopt A Child Guide

Welcome to the adoption world!

Sandra Benointon April 04, 2014

Welcome to the adoption world! Adopting a child and becoming part of the adoption community will change your life forever. Your heart will grow in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

The adoption process is a roller coaster of emotions, paperwork, and love. Although it can seem overwhelming at first, knowledge is power. We hope to empower you with knowledge about the adoption process in this educational tour. With this knowledge you will be better equipped as you decide if adoption is right for you and hopefully get started on fulfilling your dream of adopting a child to love and providing a forever home for this child.

Although every family is unique in their adoption, there are nine basic steps to the process, here is the how to adopt a child guide.

If you are interested in growing your family through domestic infant adoption and would like to visit with an adoption professional about your adoption options, click here.

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Sandra Benointon

Sandra Hanks Benoiton is a mom, a wife, a writer, and an adoption advocate. She lives in the Indian Ocean island nation of Seychelles with her husband, Mark and their children, Sam and Cj, and has two grown kids and a granddaughter in the US. In addition to adoption-related work, Sandra is a speechwriter and contributes articles to publications worldwide.

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