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Baptists are individuals, churches, and denominations who are part of the Evangelical group of Christianity. Though they unite to similar doctrine, Baptists today are made up of many different churches with different authoritative governments such as: The Baptist World Alliance, Southern Baptist Convention, National Baptist Convention, and others. Together, Baptists make up one of the largest Christian denominations in the world, with an estimated worldwide membership of over 40 million. There are Baptist run organizations of every kind, working with hospitals and clinics, schools, universities, humanitarian aid and other operations around the world.


Being diverse from the beginning, Baptist beliefs today can vary widely from one another, with the greatest differences found in culture and geography.

The core of Baptist beliefs tend to center around baptising professing believers by complete immersion, belief in the Bible as the perfected word of God, belonging to an autonomous local congregation of baptized believers, receiving salvation through God’s grace and faith alone, and the belief in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Adoption Background

Due to the great diversity of the religion, there are a large variety of privately owned and operated Baptist adoption and foster care services found online and around the world. There is no official source for Baptist adoption or foster care.

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