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Lutheranism generally aligns itself with the theology of Martin Luther, an early reformer of the largest Protestant branch of Christianity and commonly known for his writing of the Ninety-Five Theses. The Lutheran church was the first to publicly split off from the Catholic Church and has since grown to represent over 74 million Christians around the globe, according to the Lutheran World Federation.

Today, the Lutheran faith is made up of many individual churches with memberships ranging from a local independent corner church to a large regional organization. Lutheran churches and leaders can be found operating schools and universities, health clinics and hospitals, adoption and foster care, charities, homeless shelters, and providing humanitarian aid.


Though Lutherans tend to disagree about specifics of Christian belief, the majority believe to find salvation through confessing to believe on the Bible being the word of God, and being saved only through God’s grace alone, through faith alone, on the basis of scripture alone. They believe that good works are a fruit of faith, but ultimately do not save individuals, for this is why Jesus Christ was sent to die for all the sins of the world so all could be saved by God’s grace. They believe to honor the truth of God’s word as explained and taught in the Book of Concord, the historic doctrinal standard of the Lutheran church.

Adoption background

The Lutheran religion itself has no official adoption or foster care organization or system; however, taking care of children in need is a doctrine held deeply within the faith and results in local and regional church operated Lutheran adoption agencies, foster care services, children’s homes, and orphanages. These can be found online and in locations throughout the world.

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