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Shelby from Armenia



from Armenia

Shelby was born in February 2016 via C-section with evidence of a maternal-fetal infection. She has been diagnosed with a congenital anomaly syndrome predominantly affecting the facial area, specific disorders in motor development, and bilateral strabismus. Her overall development is moderately delayed. She has been living in an orphanage since shortly after birth. Shelby is a determined, curious little girl who has adapted well to the orphanage and thrives on routine. She walks independently, climbs stairs with the support of the railing, and can take apart and put together two building blocks. She has recently begun showing interest in cause-and-effect toys, playing peek-a-boo, and imitating adults’ actions. Shelby loves music, visibly brightening and moving her body when she hears children’s songs. She understands and expresses emotions clearly, and although she has no purposeful speech, her vocalizations increase when she is happy or frustrated. She makes intermittent eye contact and has some stereotypic hand movements. Shelby likes affection, especially if she is the initiator, and she shows an emotional attachment to her physical therapist. Shelby prefers small group environments, and when among large, noisy groups of peers she becomes overwhelmed, often returning to her room on her own. Shelby is described as a strong-willed, stubborn little girl who understands much of what is said to her but dislikes being told what to do. Her caregivers share that this makes it difficult to distinguish a task that she is not yet capable of doing from one that she just does not wish to do. She complies best with people she trusts. Shelby needs a patient, consistent, and loving family to truly blossom. Weight at Birth: 3.400 kg Height at Birth: 50 cm Weight Nov 2019: 16.6 kg Height Nov 2019: 96 cm
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