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Crew from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Crew was born in November 2014. He lived in a foster family until February 2019, but was then moved to an orphanage setting. He has been diagnosed with a heart murmur as well as moderate developmental delays and is suspected of having autism though no formal diagnosis has been set for the latter. Crew is an active boy who is in constant motion and cannot concentrate for long. He does not interact much with others, is nonverbal, and has poor observation and imitation skills. In order to carry out an instruction, Crew requires multiple repetitions and physical prompts. He does not appear to understand the rules at the orphanage and may show aggression and auto-aggression. Toe-walking and other stereotypical behaviors are observed. Crew needs adult support for all daily living tasks and is not yet potty-trained. Crew likes playing with balls and hard objects to meet some of his sensory needs.
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