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Ezra from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Ezra is a healthy boy who was born in July 2009. He was removed from his biological family in early 2016 due to severe neglect and placed in a foster home where he still resides. Since that time he has made progress in all areas and now manages his personal hygiene, assists with chores around the house, and is enrolled in school. Ezra has been diagnosed with hyperkinetic behavior disorder and cognitive delays. Ezra is generally shy and timid around unfamiliar people but warms once it is clear that their intentions are good. He can carry on a conversation with peers and adults, has friends, and willingly participates in group activities when invited. He can be impatient and impulsive and may shut down when frustrated. Ezra’s high activity level and his difficulty concentrating impact his performance in school. He is learning to read, write, and do simple math with the help of a resource teacher. Ezra enjoys riding a bike, watching cartoons, playing on a computer, and listening to music. Ezra feels calm and secure in the foster home where he lives and shows a clear attachment to his foster mother. She describes him as kind and hardworking and he willingly helps her with outdoor chores such as gardening and tending to their animals. While his foster mother provides good care for Ezra, she is unable to offer the educational support and stimulation he would receive in a forever family.
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