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William from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Witham was born in October 2007 and entered state care in November 2016 after experiencing overall neglect in his biological family. He has been diagnosed with mild mental delay with disturbances in speech and behavioral deviations. As a child who has experienced sustained trauma, Witham is emotionally unstable and carries a great deal of anger which he frequently expresses through physical aggression toward others. He can be manipulative and deceptive. Witham understands what is said to him and can form simple sentences with articulatory disturbances (dyslalia and agrammatism) but he prefers to communicate nonverbally through gestures, facial expressions, and various noises. He’s a withdrawn boy with whom it is difficult to establish contact and form a relationship. Scholastically, Witham works on a Kindergarten level and requires intrusive assistance to focus and complete tasks. He has apparent low interest in acquiring academic skills and often provokes his classmates. While Witham eats well and sleeps calmly, he needs reminders to maintain personal hygiene, use manners, and attend to housekeeping tasks. Witham enjoys sports and free time, excels at puzzles, and likes riding his bike. He needs an experienced family that is well-versed in therapeutic parenting and developmental trauma.
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