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Sullivan from China



from China

Meet Sullivan! Sullivan recently celebrated his 11th birthday. His file describes him as ‘a handsome and sunshine boy’. What a compliment! Last year while in the first grade, Sullivan was selected to be the classroom monitor and he continues to maintain excellent school records. He loves to run and his favorite activity is skipping rope! Sullivan gets along very well with his classmates and his physical and intellectual development is comparable to other 11-year-old children. Sullivan has hearing loss in both ears but had a cochlear implant, which now allows him to hear and hold simple dialogues with others! Sullivan also knows sign language. In April of 2019, he provided a written statement which said ‘I have lived in the welfare institute for several years and I see a lot of children being adopted by the foreign families…. I want to have my own family as well’. Sullivan has waited long enough, could you be his forever family?
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