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Alani from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Alani and Aydan were born in February 2005 and November 2010, respectively. Both are healthy and typically developing. They lived with their birth family until early 2017. ALANI is an extroverted teen who can be easily influenced by others, but generally seeks to be cooperative in her personal relationships. She has a high need for attention and social connections. Sometimes moody and reckless, Alani can exhibit oppositional behavior and verbal aggression. Alani currently attends 8th grade and studies within the general education curriculum, however, she is not well motivated to learn or achieve better academic results. She has a good vocabulary which she actively uses in a variety of situations and carries out instructions with ease. AYDAN is a communicative, responsive and carefree boy who loves games and fun. He is kind to others and avoids conflicts, unless provoked. As a fourth grader, Aydan works in a mainstream classroom, but he lacks the perseverance required to succeed academically. Aydan initiates and has conversations with others, asks and answers questions, and is able to express his emotions. Alani and Aydan’s attitude toward adoption has been variable and they retain a hope of returning to their family of origin. However, their mother who now lives abroad does not have the capacity nor has she expressed a desire to parent again. Their social worker reiterated that is in the best interest of these emotionally and affectionate siblings to be adopted together and as of right now, Alani and Aydan are open to international adoption.
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