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Liberty from European Union



from European Union

Liberty was born in January 2010 and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs, microcephaly, subcortical core atrophy of the brain, and developmental delays. She struggles significantly with all motor and cognitive tasks. Liberty is a happy and radiant girl who stands and walks with support and is able to crawl. She eats independently with utensils but is not yet potty trained. She seeks the attention of others and reacts appropriately to praise and reprimand. Liberty understands what is said to her regarding her daily life and carries out simple common instructions. She makes eye contact and is able to express herself in short sentences although her communications can be mechanical at times. While Liberty is educated under an individualized academic program, she has not yet mastered the skills that are typically taught at the Kindergarten level. Liberty likes playing with other children, enjoys musical games, and loves to sing.
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