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Mabel from European Union



from European Union

Sweet Mabel was born in April 2016 and has been in orphanage care for nearly her whole life. While a specific cause seems to be unknown, Mabel has severe physical and developmental disabilities and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Mabel can roll from stomach to back and vice versa, but is unable to sit independently, stand or walk. She does not react to auditory or visual stimuli, does not reach for objects and does not follow activities in her surroundings. When provided with tactile experiences, Mabel reacts with a smile. This little girl is nonverbal, eats slowly from a spoon, sleeps well, and is not yet potty-trained. Mabel depends on adult assistance for all daily living tasks, but does not to appear to have formed an attachment to anyone. She is not expected to live independently and waits for a family that can provide her with lifelong care and nurture.
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